Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two years Four Days

June 9, 2014
I contacted and then went to say goodbye to J. our recent convert. Then as we walked back it was 928pm and I knew it would be the last chance I had as I saw a family go in a white house so I contacted them. They didn´t want anything but I can say I worked up till the very last moment.
Changes were sad and fun at the same time. I felt like it was normal changes, I just didn´t get assigned a new comp or area. We went to the temple and it was special to be there and feel the peace of the spirit. I then accompanied Elder Luttmer as we visited some of his converts in a nearby area. Then at 6pm we went to a restaurant with President Bautista and the group. Then we had a testimony meeting.
Wednesday June 11th We woke up and made one last run to XelaPan. It is a bread store that we all really like. Then we went to the bus stop. One guy loaded our suitcases and got about four skidiwampus and said the rest are not going to fit. I looked at him and said in my mind. "I helped Dad pack the Magnum on church history tour we can get these in here" Then I thought it is like playing Tetris with circles and triangles. But after some arguing I got in and started working things around we got them to take some on the bus and all the suitcases got on the bus. We arrived in the capital at about 2:30 and then headed to the temple in the capital.
Thursday June 12th at 4:30 am Mom and Dad arrived at the hotel to pick me up. It was so wonderful to see Mom and Dad again. I saw them and Mom had a little sign. I hugged and kissed mom, then hugged Dad. The other elders went to the airport and I went on to the hotel with mom and dad to eat and then we headed to my mission area.
We stopped on the way at Panajachel. It is on the banks of the Lake Atitlan. The same one I went to the overlook for about two weeks ago. Then we headed to Olintepeque. We ate tacos in a shop and then began the visits. We visited four families. It was an awesome experience. The rains came inbetween, during, and after our visits. One family I was taking mom and dad to I saw a couple of the kids in the road and talked to them they told me they had moved houses. It was a miracle because if we hadn’t seen them I wouldn’t have been able to find them.
The next day we headed to Toto, we again visited 4 families there.
Saturday We shopped a little in the morning for recuerdos and then headed to Pueblo Viejo. Once there it was a blast to see everybody I knew. Mom and Dad expressed how they were surprised by how humble they all live and how remote it really was. I saw N. my first baptism. That was fun. Upon trying to leave Pueblo Viejo the first time we headed up a road to a point where there was a fallen tree from all the rain. We tried to go a different route but the 4 wheel drive wouldn´t engage and we weren’t able to get up the road. As we headed back to go even a third way I felt like we should visit some others I thought weren’t home. We were able to find them. Then we headed on our way. In San Bartolo we decided to gas up because we had less than 1/4 of a tank. We got up Tierra Blanca and there was a backup of cars. Turns out there was a big landslide. So we had to turn back and spend the night in Toto. As we pondered on the events we expressed gratitude that the Lord was watching over us. If I wouldn´t have felt to go back to visit the ones I thought were not home perhaps we could have been hit by the mudslide, we wouldn´t have had enough gas to get us all the way back to Xela because we would have thought we could make it to Huehue fairly easily. Plus why didn´t the 4 wheel drive work? It did today. It is a testimony that we were watched over.
Sunday June 15 HAPPY FATHER¨S DAY!!!!!
We woke up early and went the LONG way through Quiche. It was a beautiful drive with lots of cliffs and mountainous areas. We arrived in Tojocaz with 15 minutes to spare before sacrament meeting. I saw lots of friends and took pictures with them.
Afterwards we went to Brasilia for Priesthood. I had lunch planned with L. to celebrate Mom and Dad’s anniversary. L. did a fantastic job.
I love you so and am excited to see you.
Elder Wright
Thus ended the days of my missionary shoes

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bring on the Storm

June 2, 2014
It has been raining since 2:30 Sunday and they say it is a 72 hour storm.
We also watched another step in the Corte process, it is a HUGE process. 
Wednesday May 28 I better understood the quote "I once complained because I had no shoes then I saw a man with no feet" Only this time it had to do with cinderblocks. We passed by twice where some men were sending up one block at a time with a pulley system to the third level. I wondered if there was a better way. Later that night we saw a huge pile of blocks at the base of a Mount Everest sized hill. It was so steep. We recognized the lady would need help and we offered a hand. They weighed a ton. It was an hour and a half of hard work. But well worth it to help.
May 30, 2014 Celebrating THE BEST TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to believe. It felt like a birthday where you know something special is going on but you don´t physically feel different. But I know I have grown spiritually and in many other ways. Two years in the mission Two years of working with all my heart might mind and strength Two years of being away from my family so others can be with theirs for eternity.
We spent most of the day doing what Justin calls look ups. We ate Philly Cheese Steaks and apple pie with ice cream at a restaurant. It was surprisingly good, and who knew that Xecul had that stuff?
We went down in a bus to San Cris and went to a baptism. We sang a special number “Nearer My God to Thee”. 
We went to visit J. and S. We taught about why Christ instituted the sacrament. We need to remember Him. We read the sacrament prayer. We shared our love and concern for them. We explained that we invite them to read the Book of Mormon and to go to church not for us but for themThey both were at church the next day. 
After church we talked to them and J. said “Yes” to baptism. We put the date for the 7th. 
I realized with 2 years of retrospect that I believe the same, but the strength of the conviction has been fortified immensely. 
Thank you so much for your love and support. 
Elder Wright
One step in the Corte process

Apple Pie- "The Best Two Years" so far!

Week of Miracles

May 26, 2014
Queridisima Familia,
There are many who will say it was just a coincidence or luck but for those that are familiar with the workings of the Lord and know how to recognize His hand will know that it was simply His divine purposes coming to pass.
We bought a mirror for Q3. As we walked it fell out of its plastic cover and smashed to pieces. I gathered it up and noticed a lady pulling the starting cord on her Molino. I offered my help and it fired up. Her husband, Cristobal, from the tienda that was right in front of where the mirror broke, took the mirror pieces and said I have #3 but this is #2. I had no idea what he was talking about. He went to the back room then opened the garage to his window and mirror shop. Cristobal works with mirrors!!!! “What are the chances!??" We exclaimed. We bought a bigger one and got a return visit.
We left the house and waited for a bus. Finally one came and I had three pamphlets. I got on and first thing talked to the whole bus. I then passed out a Plan of Salvation and a Gospel of Christ pamphlet and was left with a Word of Wisdom one. I sat next to a 25 year old and her 8 year old daughter. They seemed interested in learning more about the pamphlets and the gringo that was giving them out. I began explaining it was a health code that the Lord reveled to a prophet. I told her we were missionaries and that we were going to a meeting in the church in San Cris. I got her number to go visit them later and her more or less address.
We got off and were about an hour into the meeting when someone came to the door. Elder Moncada went to see who it was then called me back. R. was standing there holding the pamphlet and a cell phone that looks like the one I carry. I hadn´t even noticed but it had fallen from my pocket. She came to return it. It is important to note that a lost cell phone is a quick Q20 when they sell it.
One afternoon four member and the other elders came to work with us. I went with E.C. it was fun and we found some fairly positive people. We made sweet pulled pork burritos for lunch. They were delicious.
Today we went to see Lago Atitlan from a lookout point. Some believe it is the Waters of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I am reading it once again. I am strengthening my testimony and hope you all know I know this is true.
Elder Wright

Lago Atitlan

You´ll never guess what happened

May 19, 2014
This week all across Centro America was Family Week. Every night there was an activity that focused on families.
Monday night was a family home evening and all the members were encouraged to invite a family and have them in their home for the Family Home Evening. We had Family Home Evening with a less active member and and his family (No one else in his family are members). We sang, shared a scripture and played some games.
I went to Nahuala for the first time in my mission for the district meeting. It is really pretty up in the mountains and bigger than I thought. We got another less active to come to the family workshop that night in the church. The message was good about taking time for the family. Helping us to make evaluate if our time is spent or is it invested. When time is invested both the parents and the children are blessed.
This area has been a challenge, yet we are hard at wrok. We had a bright spot we met A. She listened to us at the door. She was excited about learning more about the plan of salvation.
Friday May 16 I got a phone call from Elder Bloom he told me my companion had changes, they told us at 8:00 am and at 1130 we had to be in the office. My new companion is Elder Rodgerson.
 Keeping with the week of family we went to the activity that night with R. and her daughter. it was good and the chicken was delicious. In other events I offered to help an older lady carrying a wheelbarrow full of weeds. I got behind it lifted up and ripped off the handle. It was funny and the lady thought so as well which was better. Turns out it was the same older lady that 5 days previous slammed the door in my face. 
That night there was a fireside broadcast from the capital with the area presidency. It was in Toto and A. and her three daughters V.,  A., and S. all came. They were people we contacted one time so that was special. It was so good to see all my previous friends and members in Toto. I was recognized by many and felt very loved. Mama C. said I looked really skinny. She is a good woman and helped me to realize she really cares about me. 
Thank you for your prayers and love and support. For those that may be struggling with a problem remember that all answers can be found in the Book of Mormon. Read it, ponder it and pray about it. I promise as a representative of Jesus Christ you will be blessed with the personal revelation of how to overcome your particular problem.
Elder Wright
Elder  Rodgerson

Lots of Contacting

May 12, 2014
The Lord blesses us for being a little persistent. Monday night someone whistled. I returned to the door at the small tienda. We began talking and they interrogated me where I am from and all that fun stuff. They tried lying about who whistled. We set up a return visit to play Jenga on Thursday.
We taught our 18 year old investigator that wants to be baptized about the word of wisdom. 
We were at it again contacting people the whole day. We were able to teach a man about the restoration he doesn’t believe there are prophets on the earth today. We bore testimony of the fact there is. At one last house we found a lady who let us sit on her porch and listened to our message. 
Later in the week we played Jenga with the Family from Monday that we met. They have many kids. As we were teaching one of their little girl understood and began teaching her little cousins it was neat. Then they brought out food and more food and more food.
We taught about the Book of Mormon to J. at least reinforced it. She is reading it and hopefully she can gain a testimony this way.
It was great to see you and talk to you on Mother’s Day. The party here was in the Central Park and all of the mothers were there. The mayor gave gifts. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Thank you Mother Dear and the other mother´s that have made a difference in my life.
We went with the mission leader and did visits to two contacts. 
Sunday someone asked me, “How come I am so happy?” I guess I just love being a missionary!!! I love all aspects of it. New people, gospel study, being close to God and the spirit. I love it. I live the gospel and there is a quote from President Hinckley that says, “Want to be the gospel of Christ." 
I love you so!!! Thank you for your love and support. I will be living the dream for the time that is left to me. 
Elder Wright
Elder Wright

Donde esta Elder Wright‏

May 5, 2014
Wednesday April 30, 2014 I had changes. I was half hoping I would return to Tojocaz but it wasn`t to be. This place is close to Xela. They talk Quiche as their primary language. And without joke over 50% of the women are Maria. My companion is Elder Chuquibals who now goes by Zumba because the people couldn’t say his name. He is from Peru. The sky literally fell down and it rained super hard. The climate is really cold here. 
My first night we visited a family. Their father died a few years back. We taught about the plan of salvation. They are close to baptism. I have been busy since my arrival. On Thursday I gave the message in district meeting to give all our heart might mind and strength to the Lord.
I am in San Andres Xecul. (sheck cool) It is close to San Cristobal Totonicapan. I go to the branch of San Cris. I am about 5 km away from San Cris. There are about 8 members in San Andres and 2 active ones. So we contact ALOT! The city is a maze no joke!! It is so crazy. It is beautiful. The streets are small and confusing. We will go forth and do the work of the Lord.
It has been raining, and I haven`t seen the sun for about 4 days literally.
Elder Wright
Elder Chuquibals or "Zumba"

San Andres Xecu

San Andres Xecu Another View

Thus ends the time of the "Brasiliano"‏

April 28, 2014
Querida Familia,
A missionary that is finishing said, "From the mission we are to take what we need to take and leave what we need to leave." Basically take a stronger testimony, life lessons, patience, and leave pride, and bad habits behind. A Sister missionary finishing her mission bore her final testimony. She taught that the Lord loves us and gives us trials to teach us obedience and faith, then the miracles and baptisms will occur. Both were good.
We played paintball for P-day which was fun.
We went three times to Centro this week. We went to visit a man to set up a visit, to start divisions with Calvario, then to end divisions. It was pretty nuts.
We visited our investigator that had just returned home from having her son in the hospital. She was very tired. She still wants to be baptized, so that is good.
This week as we worked with members to invite their friends to meet with us, we got a member to invite her neighbor over to make sticky buns. Elder Garcia said, “God sees our efforts and helps us, He sees our intelligent efforts and gives us success."
We found another investigator she is really prepared. She had missionaries a few years ago and they really changed her life. We met up again and I testified about prayer. She has not been praying which is rare. I was able to explain the scripture Matthew 16:15-19 to her. Flesh and blood have not revealed it to you. The words from the spirit seemed to touch her. 
Saturday 26 There is always a special feeling around a baptism. This was not different, our investigator said her brother tried to talk her out of being baptized, and she has experienced challenges and trials up to the last minute. When they did her interview they left her with a scripture to pray about and shortly thereafter she texted saying they would be baptized and no man would stop them. It was really special to me. The baptism went smooth and I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize her. On Sunday she was confirmed.
Earlier that day we did service cleaning up pine trees and making empanadas.
The changes were a literal shock. I thought for sure I would not have changes. I echo Nephi´s words, “I will go and Do.” It is my last change and I want no regrets just to Live the Dream!!
The conference With Elder Don R. Clarke started at 8am and finished at 3. He taught about how to be more effective missionaries. Among other things he said we can go to sacrament meeting and do 4 things as we take the sacrament. 1- Pray to remember the Savior and his Atonement. 2- Receive forgiveness of sins. 3- Pray to know the church is true 4- Get solutions to problems (work marriage etc...). 
I will be leaving Brasilia today to spend the night in Xela. But according to the changes exactly one year to the calendar date April 30th my time finishes in Brasilia. In total the 2 months the first time and 4 and half now i was in Brasilia 6 1/2 months. I am excited for what the Lord has in store and I am sure you will all be anxious to know where I am. I humbly ask for your prayers in my behalf that I will be able to finish strong, and I learn all I am to learn. I love you all!!!
Elder Wright

Service- Cleaning Up Pine Branches and Needles
Making Empanadas

Semana Santa and a Trip to the Emergency Room‏

April 21, 2014 
We are helping a new investigator understand that this is Christ’s church. She doesn´t believe Christ formed a religion. She also had a friend that told her after studying the Bible for 12 years, that he believed Christ had committed errors. We testified that He did indeed establish a church, and He did live a perfect life. At the end our member that was helping us testified and I felt inclined to ask her to pray. I did, she accepted and after thanked us for the opportunity to pray because for the first time in a awhile she did it with a true heart according to her.
We met a lady that has a daughter with Down Syndrome. She talked about her problems and responsibilities. I felt the need to talk about trials that we can overcome with Christ. We all gave our comments on how trials help us be stronger. It was a blessing that she was able to open up.
Our investigator with the 8 month old sent a message in the afternoon. That the child was very sick, with a cough, phlegm, and fever. He was not improving. We decided a trip to the hospital would be necessary. We thought of R. the new bishopric member. We called him, he answered and came. The miracle is R. left his phone in the truck all day and was with his in laws. They invited him to stay for dinner but for some reason he refused. He opened the door to the truck just as we called. The Lords timing is perfect. Because it was Easter just about every main street in the center of Huehue was blocked off so the people could make their rugs of dyed sawdust and sand. I am on the east side of town more or less and all access to the west where the hospital is was completely blocked unless you went way out of the way to circle around it. We got there got him in and evaluated. They said if we would have waited longer it is possible he could have suffocated or choked on his own phlegm. He has pneumonia.
Earlier I had  been given some bread with jelly that I was able to give to V. so she could spend the night. Another miracle of the day!
Every day I recognize more and more how much the Lord is in the details of our lives.
I do have a testimony that the Lord lives. He lived a perfect life. Through His atonement we can be clean and strengthened. I know He loves us and that death was swallowed up in Him.
"Death is conquered man is free, Christ has won the victory." I am so grateful for Him and His eternal Sacrifice!!!
Love Elder Wright
Easter Decorations

ER Visit

Friday, June 6, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

April 14, 2014 
This week we got a phone call in the middle of the soccer game for PDay. It was a reference. We went that night to visit a lady that lives in a small village. She is the owner of her own business. She is looking for a church to get closer to God. She had three younger brothers die for what she described as "weird reasons." We taught her about the plan of salvation.
In other news another lady and her three daughters we were working with accepted the invitation for baptism.
Our Zone was able to go to the temple this week. I love to see the temple and love even more being inside and feeling the peace and the comfort. I felt like a kid on Christmas day waiting to open and play with the new toys. I was reminded that we can be clean of sin by our loyalty and faithfulness.
We made the noche de hermanamiento the most memorable one yet. We played live Mario Kart with all the members it was a blast. 
We did divisions with Chinacá. Elder Flores came with De Leon and I worked in Brasilia. The sun was roasting. I think it is about 80-85 degrees. We had some appointments fall through. In the afternoon we taught our investigator about the Book of Mormon. It was a good lesson. Then we taught three others about the Restoration.
One of our investigators came to church the other two didn’t come one was sick and the other, her 8 month old son was sick. We gave them a blessing and hope that they can recover quickly.
I just want to thank you all for your love and support. For you letters and emails each week. I love you all. I love this gospel.
Elder Wright
Mario Kart with the Members

Temple Trip

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great News

April 7, 2014 
1 April Fools!!!! No joke we went to Xela for a meeting. We got all the Huehue Zone Leaders in one van it was awesome. The meeting was great!
We taught one of our investigators about the Atonement and explained how much the Savior loves her and is mindful of her. She expressed she could feel that the Savior does love her, when we were teaching her. 
At lunch a member told us, “What a great privilege to have a representative of Christ in my house.” This was humbling.
We taught a lady and her kids the restoration. They have changed so much. The lesson was super powerful and the rain that came stopped for the lesson and right when we were challenging them to pray about it. The rain came down on a tin roof and the baby started crying. 
We helped our neighbors move. We rode in the back of the moving van... it was weird not having any idea where I was. 
We were walking back from sector Brasilia and crossed the bridge about 100 yards down from where we met a couple we know. I also got the impression to cross the street and talk to a person on the other side. I began to talk and she told us her thoughts and life were like the highway with curves and zigs and zags. Turns out about a month ago Elder De Leon gave her kids a soccer ball. 
We asked if she had time for a visit and she did, we also met her neighbor. We taught about the power of atonement and invited them to conference. We left them a copy of the Book of Mormon and I felt inspired to mark Alma 7:11:15.
I watched all sessions of General Conference in Spanish, and understood it all except for very few words. It was amazing to see the gift of tongues at work. For the interested I was in the same chapel I watched it last year. Ha what are the chances? On Sunday of General Conference our investigator we invited and her neighbor did come. During one of the talks she recognized the scripture in Alma 7 that I left, she read, and Bednar quoted. It was amazing!
It rang true that the Lord wants us to be obedient in all things and he will bless us if we are. He also wants us to be happy and will allow us to be so through the Atonement. 
Small Poem I wrote
As my time winds down, I try not to frown. 
The end is coming near, and I have loved my time here
I have felt grace and love, From He that is above.
Although the future gives me a scare, I know that I am in His care.
Whate´er the trial I can Bear for I am in His care. 
Elder Wright
Helping the neighbors move

212 Degrees

March 31, 2014 
I heard a quote in district meeting. "Goals without work are "wishes". Work without goals is slavery. Goals with work is success." In order to live the dream we have to work to meet our goals. As we do we will be successful in achieving what the Lord would have us do. 
We have been busy teaching people, making Chile Rellenos, and were called upon by our neighbors to pray for their family. Their nephew had sustained an injury. They are not members and yet trusted us. In our companionship we are working on using each other’s ideas when working with investigators, this is working out well.
We had some visits fall so with the extra time we set up and fearlessed talking to everyone. It is defiantly a challenge in Guatemala because many don´t have cell phones and directions are explained like this, “I live by the church, to the left half a block, by the green wall, up 14 steps....”
It has been getting hot but today it hit the boiling point.
WOW, I can´t believe it, 22 months.
We had two investigators come to church. One of the investigators cousin, a recent convert has been awesome to work with us. They all seemed to enjoy it.
Thank you for your prayers and I appreciate your emails each week. 
Elder Wright

Learning to make Jocan

Jocan cooking

Finished Jocan ready to eat!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Reaching Goals

March 24, 2014
Dear Family,
This week we started out going to the Mirador and had a few lessons.
Tuesday we had changes. I am with Elder Garcia and Elder De Leon. He was in the zone at Christmas time. I have testified of the plan of salvation this week on many occasions. We were talking to a lady and she told us how one can never find comfort and peace and she said something about her kids coming to the light, and that my kids would understand. I testified she wasn’t the only one with kids that went astray. Adam and Eve had one and told her of others. I testified she could be a happy united family.
Sitting at the table to study a text message came in giving us a reference. We called the number they were requesting a visit. We found the house. The wife is bedridden and didn´t talk. Her husband listened to us. I talked to him and helped to remind him about happy times. We taught the plan of salvation, and left. It was special.
I finished the BoM once again. I was a little behind my goal, but it is so nice to know it is true no matter when or how many times we read it. It is that undeniable special feeling in the heart, a warm, peaceful, airy, light feeling. I know it is true and can’t deny it.
We went to work in Malacas as a zone to help them. They are new. One Elder is from Springville, Utah. The other fresh from home. It was fun to help them out and fearless as Justin would call it.
We were blessed to find R. in our area. He apparently has gone to church before and liked it. Who knows why we were where we were when we were there, but it was guided by the Lord.
Interestingly that we went to a birthday party of a little boy that turned three. Funny thing is I was here one year ago for the same little boy’s birthday. It was fun.
Sunday we had one of our investigators at church and it went well. Sorry for the short letter. I am well and learning lots. 
Elder Wright
Birthday Party this year!

Birthday Party last year!

New Companion Elder De Leon

Monday, March 17, 2014

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

March 17, 2014
It has been getting really hot here in Huehue. But we keep working hard and the Lord has been blessing us greatly.
We helped our recent convert Family do their first Noche de Hogar as members. We testified how blessed they are, even without all the things of the world.
We are again starting to teach a lady we had taught about two months ago. While there we made baleadas with her. In the afternoon we had a lesson fall and were sitting in the shade. A family walked by we approached them and they took us to their house and we taught a scripture. The husband lost a brother and his job recently. So I shared Romans 8:35, 38 nothing will separate us from God´s love.
This week we were blessed to be able to share the plan of salvation to many people. One lady lost her husband two months ago. We helped her realize the things she must do to see her husband again. She wanted to know if God was so powerful why He didn´t save her husband. Then I felt the impression to share a story about the Footsteps. A man dreams he is walking on the beach with the Lord watching the scenes of his life in the sky. When he looked back he noticed that there were only one pair of footsteps at the times that corresponded with the hardest times in his life. Upset, he asked the Lord why he had left him in his times of greatest need. The Lord said lovingly "my son when you saw only one pair of footsteps is when I carried you".
Throughout the week we continued to meet people. One family lost their father and husband 15 days ago. We cleared up the doubt that we will resurrect with our body. Later we went with another person who had lost family recently as well and we taught simply but powerfully that death is just another step in the plan of God.
On the 12th we had a baptism. The baptism was nice and well attended.
Friday a new convert called us and invited us to come have Nachos. She thanked us for all we had done and for changing her life. She has found a friend, in the church. I am so happy for her. 
I DO NOT have changes and will be staying in Brasilia with Elder Garcia. In other news. Elder Bloom is the new AP.
Thanks for all your love support and prayers.
Elder Wright

Overlook at Mirador

On top of the world at Mirador

Baptism  March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ad Astro Per Aspera‏

March 10, 2014
Ad Astro Per Aspera‏- is a Latin saying that means "to the stars through challenges" he fun started after the short lesson, we asked for their DPI (ID card) The dad could not find his at first. I just shook my head. I began pouring out my heart in prayer. "HERE IT IS!!". I changed my prayers of plea to thanksgiving. Well about 5 minutes of turning the room upside down. She couldn´t find it. Getting a new one takes about 3 months. But I had a small feeling of peace and said it isn´t lost, you will find it perhaps in the light of day. Then one of the children with hand help up triumphantly comes out of the room, “I FOUND IT!!! What joy filled my heart as one of the simplest but most needed miracles unfolded before my eyes. I gave thanks to Heavenly Father again. Later in the week we went to RENAP to get the paperwork to do the marriage.
I decided to make a bracket for March madness in the zone. We competed with finding new investigators, investigators with a baptismal date, and attendance at church. It was fun. We got passed the first round, but lost in the semis. It made it fun.
I went to Chinacá on divisions. Justin may go to Chinatown, but the closest I can get is Chinacá. The only thing is here I can´t shout in Chinese... just Spanish. 
Friday March 7th I participated in my second Guatemalan Wedding. Everything went smooth and the lawyer told them to set a good example they signed the paper. We signed as witnesses and that was that. We taught an investigator about tithing. He understands well and will be baptized on Wednesday.
 The M Family entered into the baptismal covenant on March 8th. A tender mercy from the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Sunday with each confirmation they were blessed to become an eternal family. It was special. I was so happy for all of them.
Elder Wright
Elder Wright
Elder Wright and Elder Flores on Divisions

Familia Baptism

A Busy Week

March 3, 2014
Dear Familia,
One of the couples we have been working with, the husband has been off drinking. Alcohol seems to destroy families. It destroys families.
We went to Xela for the leadership council. In the leadership council. Our President shared a story of seagulls that over the years became dependent on the shrimp boats to toss them scraps. They never learned to fish and didn´t teach the little seagulls either for a long time. So then when the shrimp company moved away they began dying in the abundance of fish because they didn´t know how.
The comparison is that we must develop our own faith and can´t rely on the faith of others. We must also teach our investigators so that they have a strong testimony, so when we leave, they are strong and don’t fall away.
Elder Garcia promised Hno M if he came to church his sales would go better this week. It has worked. On Monday and Tuesday he almost doubled his earning from those two days the week before.
We had the opportunity to teach the plan of salvation to a lady whose husband died 2 months ago. It is something so essential and comforting. She is evangelical and they know nothing about it. I am so grateful for my knowledge of where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going.
We were called by Hna D asking for a blessing before her doctor’s appointment and needed a blessing. They came to the church. She explained that she was nervous she wasn´t doing as well as she needed to, and other worries. I was in the same church about 11 months ago when she was in the same situation. I reminded her of that experience how she had overcome it. I know the Lord has us where we need to be and it was not coincidence that I was here as the Zone Leader for her again.
One afternoon we met with Hno Abularach an area 70. He is from the capital in charge of Institute and seminary. The meeting in Huehue was to get the new converts enrolled in these programs.
We were able to teach the plan of salvation to a young lady that is 20 and lives with her mom. She told us what we had taught her was new and she really liked it.
To add to the list of weird foods I have eaten goes pig blood- Moronga. I didn´t really taste it because we put it on top of an egg taco, but it wasn´t horrible.
Please pray that this week all goes well with the paper work for the marriage, and family baptism. Love you all.
Elder Wright

Corn like Noche Libre

San Juan River

Monday, February 24, 2014

An Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

February 24, 2014
This week the kids of one of our investigators came with us to the FHE with a member family. They are very well behaved kids. One thing that was explained about having FHE is it can be used to work out problems as a family. I thought it was interesting that we do that as missionaries in the weekly planning session and continue doing so as a family in the FHE.
That night I sat reflecting on the trials and tribulations we all must pass through and hope and pray that I can trust more in the Lord. I know the trials we are given are for a wise purpose. I know the Lord will strengthen us and help us to progress.
We visited a member and asked if we could do anything to help her. We set up a tentative service project plan.
I went to the hospital.....
Well enough of the suspense. We went as a zone to do service. The sister we visited on Tuesday asked us to help, and it was unexpected because we weren`t going to be able to but then they gave us permission. And thus the subject line. Anyways 10 of the zone members cleaned the laundry room and I with 3 others carried a bunch of boxes from one room into a storage room. It was fun to serve. 
One afternoon we went to a part of the area I have never been to, we nicknamed it El Rincon. We found some new investigators. We met one family that recently lost their father. We taught them the plan of salvation, the hope of a better world, and seeing loved ones again. It was successful. We taught another the law of chastity, the importance of marriage.
During the week we met a lady that said we will only be resurrected in spirit. I said Christ has a resurrected body and Satan doesn`t. We continued to also teach her daughter and daughter-in-law.
Thursday night we got a reference from a member that a joven (youth) wanted to be baptized. He has been working with a member. He wants to go to church and learn more and be baptized. We taught him and he seems very positive. It was reaffirmed that the Lord is preparing people it just takes time and patience.
I am so grateful to be part of this work and to recognize the Lord preparing people to be taught. I know that He lives and guides us. Thank you all for your love and support.
Elder Wright
Favorite snack Frutada and Bread

Lunch with Zone 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blessings of the Lord

February 17, 2014
My USB got a virus and by a miracle it was recovered. Thanks for all the prayers.
This week we had a meeting with President Bautista and the other ZL here in Huehue. He shared a scripture in Abraham how the Gods had 7 days 7 goals and 7 achievements. It should help us see the goals we put and compare with the success that we have.

We found a family to teach and had the impression to teach about the rich man and compare it to the riches of time. Many people claim they do not have time to hear the gospel message or come to church. I explained when we withhold our time from the Lord we are no better than the young rich man. It is important to put God first.
We have also been teaching a family about families being together forever. I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. We made Balleadas with a couple of investigators and their friends. The friend has questions about the baptisms for the dead. We were able to answer these questions.
We went to help with the Primary activity. There is a thing here called carnival. It is family friendly. They throw confetti and eggs full of confetti on each other. I tried staying out of it but it was inevitable. They hit me a few times in the head. It is hard to explain but fun to watch. We invited and were able to bring the kids of one of our investigators. They seemed to enjoy it.
One afternoon we were out contacting when we found some kids on a trampoline. I talked with one of them in Quiche and he agreed to let us come back. Before we left they let me show them a few tricks on the trampoline. It was a long time since I had got on one of those. But it was fun!
One of the families we were working with came to church. It was such a blessing. Turns out they went to church once before in Calvario. I was glad they came. They were welcomed by the ward.
I truly feel blessed to have challenges. It helps us get stronger. The good thing is if we have challenges we can know the Lord trusts us. I know the Lord tries us and our faith and patience to help us be stronger and examples of the believers. Let us all trust in the Atonement and be strong in all that we do and take on.
Elder Wright

Primary Activity they throw confetti on each other
and smash eggshells full of confetti 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recognizing the Lord's Hand

February 10, 2014
It was a really spiritual week with lots of experiences but I will do my best to share them all even though time will not allow me to be as detailed as I would like. As you read this just think how the Lord always had us in the right spot at the right time. That he prepared us to find certain people and if we would not have been there things could have been different.
We tried to visit a lady and were accompanied by Hno N. the lady was not home. As we were getting ready to leave a 10 year old walked by and said adios Elders. I stuttered and stopped him by posing a question. Turns out Hno N. recognized him as a young boy that used to go to church. It was interesting that Hno N. was with us and recognized him.
Early in the week there was a meeting in Xela about changes. Elder Garcia went and I stayed with Elder Peterson and Monasterio. Halfway through the study Elder Garcia called and told us the whole mission was changing. They split zones making them smaller, this will be good. While out with Elder Monasterio I learned many things. We also found a lady that used to be an investigator and has a desire to return.
Midweek I felt like because we had a solid comp study and made good plans, the Lord blessed us by putting people in our path to teach. We went to do a visit with M. and found she was lowering a shelf from a truck, we helped then used Jenga to teach. They gave us some pizza and that delay set us up to find J. in the street. She has been a member about a year. She was very helpful and has the desire to help us. We then changed our plans to not go up to this group of houses to visit but stay down below. We then found a family that speaks Quiche. That delay set us up to contact a reference of Hna S. Turns out that Hna S. just happened to be there. Then we were getting ready to buy some eggs for dinner and we got called to help G. move. It was great how it all worked out.
Friday as we rounded the corner, Elder Garcia nudged me to talk to the young girl coming towards us. I did and she told us her life was critical. Upon further investigation she is 15 years old, married at age 14 with a 24 year old. We testified of Heavenly Father’s love for her. It is amazing how God timed our visits to meet people and find people we were looking for. Thank you for all you do and for your constant love and support.
Love Elder Wright
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Feliz dia del amor y cariño
Do you like the glasses we found?

“White” Gold at the End of the Rainbow

February 3, 2014
I don´t know if anybody was worried or even knew but this week was changes and I will be staying with Elder Garcia in Brasilia.
Reflecting on the emails I received about the atonement and how much God gives us verses how much we can handle. Perhaps one of the most important things is the recognition of the hand of God in my life. It is really interesting to take a step back and really do some introspection on how we are with ourselves and with God.
Well we did what the Wright´s are famous for..... Put miles on the car. We were in Xela again!!! For the 4th time this month this time for a leadership council. President Bautista referred to the story of the bother of Jared. Jared brought rocks before the Lord and it worked for light. But President tells us "It is not important what you bring before the Lord as long as it is your best" Jared could have brought sticks and the Lord would have turned them into the first glow sticks. But the thing is as long as we are trying our best the Lord will do the rest.
We had a lesson with a new single mother who is an investigator. We invited another single mother to come and she did. It was a solid lesson. We taught that she is never alone and the lady we invited to come along gave a powerful testimony in getting support and love from the Lord and the attendance at church.
We did divisions this week with Elder Perry from Pleasant Grove Utah. It was a blast.
Friday we rounded a corner on just in time to volunteer to do service. We carried a ton of blocks for a family showing up just at the right time.
Saturday we had a baptism. The Hnas sang the primary song "I love to look for Rainbows" It was super appropriate. The service was very spiritual.
This is what one of our investigators three year old son said to his grandma when she asked him if he wanted some coffee, “No grandma if I drink coffee I can´t go to church anymore." I was proud of our investigator for teaching him good principles.
Elder Wright
Baptism February 1, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waiting for the Rainbows

January 27, 2014 
We woke up early to go to Xela for a leadership meeting. My favorite part of the meeting was what President Bautista said. "When a revelation or an impression comes do it even if you don´t have much confidence in it" 
One of our investigators showed great faith as she told her mother she was getting baptized, and told us: “From one day to the next my family has said so many comments that would discourage anyone else, but I do it to please God and I want the best for me and to raise my son in good principles and what better than those of our Heavenly Father.” It was neat to hear her conviction.
We did divisions with the other Elders in our area to accommodate the two interviews. I went to Calvario to do an interview and my comp stayed. I had a correlation meeting with Pte. Bautista and the Stake Pres. Gutierrez. We put together the noche de hermanamiento because the leaders got called to a meeting. It went well I directed and played the piano.
Friday we did divisions again with the Elders in our area to help the Hnas in Cerrito and to do an interview in our area. I went to Cerrito.
We had decided from the beginning of the week that we would fast as a Zone from Friday to Saturday. Well we didn´t realize we had two food activities planned making cookies and ballades. Well needless to say we talked about just fasting from Saturday to Sunday, but I told Garcia that the Lord wants a sacrifice and this would be a big one. We fasted and it was tough but well worth it.
I am so proud of our investigator and her decision to be baptized. She faced lots of opposition coming into it but she withstood it all faithfully.
Sunday I was in meetings all day. Sacrament went well with the ward conference. Then at 4pm I met with the Dad of this Stake (the high council member over mission work) At 6 pm our ward mission leader got us together to write a rough draft of a ward mission plan.
I truly appreciate all your love and support and prayers.
Elder Wright

Elder Wright with President Bautista

noche de hermanamiento

Beautiful Sunset

A Visit From an Apostle

January 20, 2014
One of the greatest blessings today was the opportunity to answer the humble prayer of a discouraged downtrodden daughter of God. Monday night in planning we had an appointment at 7 but decided to call a returned missionary to contact the girl’s aunt. Turns out when we got there the aunt had just finished praying asking for strength and help. She is the mother of a 9 year old special needs child that cannot walk nor talk. Her other sons are wandering forbidden paths. I testified that we were the answer to her prayer and that we would help if she would listen and be obedient to the invitations we would give her. It was so special to be used by the Lord to answer someone else’s prayer.
Wednesday we taught our investigators the importance of getting married.
We did divisions with Elder Peterson and De Leon. I stayed with Peterson from Idaho in my area. We had some good success.
On Saturday the 18th in order to the Mission conference in Xela, we got an early start by getting up at 4 to be in the terminal at 530 and leave by 6 am. I had the idea to rent a bus with all the 60 missionaries from Huehue. We watched the Testaments on the way down. It was super foggy but we made it safely. We were all sitting down at 905 waiting for Elder Cook to come. When Elder Cook and his wife and Elder Kevin R. Duncan and his wife entered we all stood up and it was super powerful. You could feel the spirit that entered with him.
Elder Cook bore his testimony that was super powerful. He said “I know the Savior, I know His voice” " He testified of Christ’s love and the reality of his atonement. That really hit me strong as a witness he is a true apostle. We got to all shake his hand just really quick, no time but for nice to meet you. But it was awesome none the less. The truth is with as big as the church is the chance to meet an apostle is something special that I will cherish forever.
I am grateful to have been here, and to listen to him. I will never forget it.
Elder Wright
The Fog

Bus Ride to Mission Conference with Elder Cook

Waiting for Mission Conference to Start