Friday, June 6, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

April 14, 2014 
This week we got a phone call in the middle of the soccer game for PDay. It was a reference. We went that night to visit a lady that lives in a small village. She is the owner of her own business. She is looking for a church to get closer to God. She had three younger brothers die for what she described as "weird reasons." We taught her about the plan of salvation.
In other news another lady and her three daughters we were working with accepted the invitation for baptism.
Our Zone was able to go to the temple this week. I love to see the temple and love even more being inside and feeling the peace and the comfort. I felt like a kid on Christmas day waiting to open and play with the new toys. I was reminded that we can be clean of sin by our loyalty and faithfulness.
We made the noche de hermanamiento the most memorable one yet. We played live Mario Kart with all the members it was a blast. 
We did divisions with Chinac√°. Elder Flores came with De Leon and I worked in Brasilia. The sun was roasting. I think it is about 80-85 degrees. We had some appointments fall through. In the afternoon we taught our investigator about the Book of Mormon. It was a good lesson. Then we taught three others about the Restoration.
One of our investigators came to church the other two didn’t come one was sick and the other, her 8 month old son was sick. We gave them a blessing and hope that they can recover quickly.
I just want to thank you all for your love and support. For you letters and emails each week. I love you all. I love this gospel.
Elder Wright
Mario Kart with the Members

Temple Trip

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