Monday, March 24, 2014

Reaching Goals

March 24, 2014
Dear Family,
This week we started out going to the Mirador and had a few lessons.
Tuesday we had changes. I am with Elder Garcia and Elder De Leon. He was in the zone at Christmas time. I have testified of the plan of salvation this week on many occasions. We were talking to a lady and she told us how one can never find comfort and peace and she said something about her kids coming to the light, and that my kids would understand. I testified she wasn’t the only one with kids that went astray. Adam and Eve had one and told her of others. I testified she could be a happy united family.
Sitting at the table to study a text message came in giving us a reference. We called the number they were requesting a visit. We found the house. The wife is bedridden and didn´t talk. Her husband listened to us. I talked to him and helped to remind him about happy times. We taught the plan of salvation, and left. It was special.
I finished the BoM once again. I was a little behind my goal, but it is so nice to know it is true no matter when or how many times we read it. It is that undeniable special feeling in the heart, a warm, peaceful, airy, light feeling. I know it is true and can’t deny it.
We went to work in Malacas as a zone to help them. They are new. One Elder is from Springville, Utah. The other fresh from home. It was fun to help them out and fearless as Justin would call it.
We were blessed to find R. in our area. He apparently has gone to church before and liked it. Who knows why we were where we were when we were there, but it was guided by the Lord.
Interestingly that we went to a birthday party of a little boy that turned three. Funny thing is I was here one year ago for the same little boy’s birthday. It was fun.
Sunday we had one of our investigators at church and it went well. Sorry for the short letter. I am well and learning lots. 
Elder Wright
Birthday Party this year!

Birthday Party last year!

New Companion Elder De Leon

Monday, March 17, 2014

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

March 17, 2014
It has been getting really hot here in Huehue. But we keep working hard and the Lord has been blessing us greatly.
We helped our recent convert Family do their first Noche de Hogar as members. We testified how blessed they are, even without all the things of the world.
We are again starting to teach a lady we had taught about two months ago. While there we made baleadas with her. In the afternoon we had a lesson fall and were sitting in the shade. A family walked by we approached them and they took us to their house and we taught a scripture. The husband lost a brother and his job recently. So I shared Romans 8:35, 38 nothing will separate us from God´s love.
This week we were blessed to be able to share the plan of salvation to many people. One lady lost her husband two months ago. We helped her realize the things she must do to see her husband again. She wanted to know if God was so powerful why He didn´t save her husband. Then I felt the impression to share a story about the Footsteps. A man dreams he is walking on the beach with the Lord watching the scenes of his life in the sky. When he looked back he noticed that there were only one pair of footsteps at the times that corresponded with the hardest times in his life. Upset, he asked the Lord why he had left him in his times of greatest need. The Lord said lovingly "my son when you saw only one pair of footsteps is when I carried you".
Throughout the week we continued to meet people. One family lost their father and husband 15 days ago. We cleared up the doubt that we will resurrect with our body. Later we went with another person who had lost family recently as well and we taught simply but powerfully that death is just another step in the plan of God.
On the 12th we had a baptism. The baptism was nice and well attended.
Friday a new convert called us and invited us to come have Nachos. She thanked us for all we had done and for changing her life. She has found a friend, in the church. I am so happy for her. 
I DO NOT have changes and will be staying in Brasilia with Elder Garcia. In other news. Elder Bloom is the new AP.
Thanks for all your love support and prayers.
Elder Wright

Overlook at Mirador

On top of the world at Mirador

Baptism  March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ad Astro Per Aspera‏

March 10, 2014
Ad Astro Per Aspera‏- is a Latin saying that means "to the stars through challenges" he fun started after the short lesson, we asked for their DPI (ID card) The dad could not find his at first. I just shook my head. I began pouring out my heart in prayer. "HERE IT IS!!". I changed my prayers of plea to thanksgiving. Well about 5 minutes of turning the room upside down. She couldn´t find it. Getting a new one takes about 3 months. But I had a small feeling of peace and said it isn´t lost, you will find it perhaps in the light of day. Then one of the children with hand help up triumphantly comes out of the room, “I FOUND IT!!! What joy filled my heart as one of the simplest but most needed miracles unfolded before my eyes. I gave thanks to Heavenly Father again. Later in the week we went to RENAP to get the paperwork to do the marriage.
I decided to make a bracket for March madness in the zone. We competed with finding new investigators, investigators with a baptismal date, and attendance at church. It was fun. We got passed the first round, but lost in the semis. It made it fun.
I went to Chinacá on divisions. Justin may go to Chinatown, but the closest I can get is Chinacá. The only thing is here I can´t shout in Chinese... just Spanish. 
Friday March 7th I participated in my second Guatemalan Wedding. Everything went smooth and the lawyer told them to set a good example they signed the paper. We signed as witnesses and that was that. We taught an investigator about tithing. He understands well and will be baptized on Wednesday.
 The M Family entered into the baptismal covenant on March 8th. A tender mercy from the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Sunday with each confirmation they were blessed to become an eternal family. It was special. I was so happy for all of them.
Elder Wright
Elder Wright
Elder Wright and Elder Flores on Divisions

Familia Baptism

A Busy Week

March 3, 2014
Dear Familia,
One of the couples we have been working with, the husband has been off drinking. Alcohol seems to destroy families. It destroys families.
We went to Xela for the leadership council. In the leadership council. Our President shared a story of seagulls that over the years became dependent on the shrimp boats to toss them scraps. They never learned to fish and didn´t teach the little seagulls either for a long time. So then when the shrimp company moved away they began dying in the abundance of fish because they didn´t know how.
The comparison is that we must develop our own faith and can´t rely on the faith of others. We must also teach our investigators so that they have a strong testimony, so when we leave, they are strong and don’t fall away.
Elder Garcia promised Hno M if he came to church his sales would go better this week. It has worked. On Monday and Tuesday he almost doubled his earning from those two days the week before.
We had the opportunity to teach the plan of salvation to a lady whose husband died 2 months ago. It is something so essential and comforting. She is evangelical and they know nothing about it. I am so grateful for my knowledge of where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going.
We were called by Hna D asking for a blessing before her doctor’s appointment and needed a blessing. They came to the church. She explained that she was nervous she wasn´t doing as well as she needed to, and other worries. I was in the same church about 11 months ago when she was in the same situation. I reminded her of that experience how she had overcome it. I know the Lord has us where we need to be and it was not coincidence that I was here as the Zone Leader for her again.
One afternoon we met with Hno Abularach an area 70. He is from the capital in charge of Institute and seminary. The meeting in Huehue was to get the new converts enrolled in these programs.
We were able to teach the plan of salvation to a young lady that is 20 and lives with her mom. She told us what we had taught her was new and she really liked it.
To add to the list of weird foods I have eaten goes pig blood- Moronga. I didn´t really taste it because we put it on top of an egg taco, but it wasn´t horrible.
Please pray that this week all goes well with the paper work for the marriage, and family baptism. Love you all.
Elder Wright

Corn like Noche Libre

San Juan River