Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two years Four Days

June 9, 2014
I contacted and then went to say goodbye to J. our recent convert. Then as we walked back it was 928pm and I knew it would be the last chance I had as I saw a family go in a white house so I contacted them. They didn´t want anything but I can say I worked up till the very last moment.
Changes were sad and fun at the same time. I felt like it was normal changes, I just didn´t get assigned a new comp or area. We went to the temple and it was special to be there and feel the peace of the spirit. I then accompanied Elder Luttmer as we visited some of his converts in a nearby area. Then at 6pm we went to a restaurant with President Bautista and the group. Then we had a testimony meeting.
Wednesday June 11th We woke up and made one last run to XelaPan. It is a bread store that we all really like. Then we went to the bus stop. One guy loaded our suitcases and got about four skidiwampus and said the rest are not going to fit. I looked at him and said in my mind. "I helped Dad pack the Magnum on church history tour we can get these in here" Then I thought it is like playing Tetris with circles and triangles. But after some arguing I got in and started working things around we got them to take some on the bus and all the suitcases got on the bus. We arrived in the capital at about 2:30 and then headed to the temple in the capital.
Thursday June 12th at 4:30 am Mom and Dad arrived at the hotel to pick me up. It was so wonderful to see Mom and Dad again. I saw them and Mom had a little sign. I hugged and kissed mom, then hugged Dad. The other elders went to the airport and I went on to the hotel with mom and dad to eat and then we headed to my mission area.
We stopped on the way at Panajachel. It is on the banks of the Lake Atitlan. The same one I went to the overlook for about two weeks ago. Then we headed to Olintepeque. We ate tacos in a shop and then began the visits. We visited four families. It was an awesome experience. The rains came inbetween, during, and after our visits. One family I was taking mom and dad to I saw a couple of the kids in the road and talked to them they told me they had moved houses. It was a miracle because if we hadn’t seen them I wouldn’t have been able to find them.
The next day we headed to Toto, we again visited 4 families there.
Saturday We shopped a little in the morning for recuerdos and then headed to Pueblo Viejo. Once there it was a blast to see everybody I knew. Mom and Dad expressed how they were surprised by how humble they all live and how remote it really was. I saw N. my first baptism. That was fun. Upon trying to leave Pueblo Viejo the first time we headed up a road to a point where there was a fallen tree from all the rain. We tried to go a different route but the 4 wheel drive wouldn´t engage and we weren’t able to get up the road. As we headed back to go even a third way I felt like we should visit some others I thought weren’t home. We were able to find them. Then we headed on our way. In San Bartolo we decided to gas up because we had less than 1/4 of a tank. We got up Tierra Blanca and there was a backup of cars. Turns out there was a big landslide. So we had to turn back and spend the night in Toto. As we pondered on the events we expressed gratitude that the Lord was watching over us. If I wouldn´t have felt to go back to visit the ones I thought were not home perhaps we could have been hit by the mudslide, we wouldn´t have had enough gas to get us all the way back to Xela because we would have thought we could make it to Huehue fairly easily. Plus why didn´t the 4 wheel drive work? It did today. It is a testimony that we were watched over.
Sunday June 15 HAPPY FATHER¨S DAY!!!!!
We woke up early and went the LONG way through Quiche. It was a beautiful drive with lots of cliffs and mountainous areas. We arrived in Tojocaz with 15 minutes to spare before sacrament meeting. I saw lots of friends and took pictures with them.
Afterwards we went to Brasilia for Priesthood. I had lunch planned with L. to celebrate Mom and Dad’s anniversary. L. did a fantastic job.
I love you so and am excited to see you.
Elder Wright
Thus ended the days of my missionary shoes