Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thus ends the time of the "Brasiliano"‏

April 28, 2014
Querida Familia,
A missionary that is finishing said, "From the mission we are to take what we need to take and leave what we need to leave." Basically take a stronger testimony, life lessons, patience, and leave pride, and bad habits behind. A Sister missionary finishing her mission bore her final testimony. She taught that the Lord loves us and gives us trials to teach us obedience and faith, then the miracles and baptisms will occur. Both were good.
We played paintball for P-day which was fun.
We went three times to Centro this week. We went to visit a man to set up a visit, to start divisions with Calvario, then to end divisions. It was pretty nuts.
We visited our investigator that had just returned home from having her son in the hospital. She was very tired. She still wants to be baptized, so that is good.
This week as we worked with members to invite their friends to meet with us, we got a member to invite her neighbor over to make sticky buns. Elder Garcia said, “God sees our efforts and helps us, He sees our intelligent efforts and gives us success."
We found another investigator she is really prepared. She had missionaries a few years ago and they really changed her life. We met up again and I testified about prayer. She has not been praying which is rare. I was able to explain the scripture Matthew 16:15-19 to her. Flesh and blood have not revealed it to you. The words from the spirit seemed to touch her. 
Saturday 26 There is always a special feeling around a baptism. This was not different, our investigator said her brother tried to talk her out of being baptized, and she has experienced challenges and trials up to the last minute. When they did her interview they left her with a scripture to pray about and shortly thereafter she texted saying they would be baptized and no man would stop them. It was really special to me. The baptism went smooth and I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize her. On Sunday she was confirmed.
Earlier that day we did service cleaning up pine trees and making empanadas.
The changes were a literal shock. I thought for sure I would not have changes. I echo Nephi´s words, “I will go and Do.” It is my last change and I want no regrets just to Live the Dream!!
The conference With Elder Don R. Clarke started at 8am and finished at 3. He taught about how to be more effective missionaries. Among other things he said we can go to sacrament meeting and do 4 things as we take the sacrament. 1- Pray to remember the Savior and his Atonement. 2- Receive forgiveness of sins. 3- Pray to know the church is true 4- Get solutions to problems (work marriage etc...). 
I will be leaving Brasilia today to spend the night in Xela. But according to the changes exactly one year to the calendar date April 30th my time finishes in Brasilia. In total the 2 months the first time and 4 and half now i was in Brasilia 6 1/2 months. I am excited for what the Lord has in store and I am sure you will all be anxious to know where I am. I humbly ask for your prayers in my behalf that I will be able to finish strong, and I learn all I am to learn. I love you all!!!
Elder Wright

Service- Cleaning Up Pine Branches and Needles
Making Empanadas

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