Monday, March 17, 2014

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

March 17, 2014
It has been getting really hot here in Huehue. But we keep working hard and the Lord has been blessing us greatly.
We helped our recent convert Family do their first Noche de Hogar as members. We testified how blessed they are, even without all the things of the world.
We are again starting to teach a lady we had taught about two months ago. While there we made baleadas with her. In the afternoon we had a lesson fall and were sitting in the shade. A family walked by we approached them and they took us to their house and we taught a scripture. The husband lost a brother and his job recently. So I shared Romans 8:35, 38 nothing will separate us from God´s love.
This week we were blessed to be able to share the plan of salvation to many people. One lady lost her husband two months ago. We helped her realize the things she must do to see her husband again. She wanted to know if God was so powerful why He didn´t save her husband. Then I felt the impression to share a story about the Footsteps. A man dreams he is walking on the beach with the Lord watching the scenes of his life in the sky. When he looked back he noticed that there were only one pair of footsteps at the times that corresponded with the hardest times in his life. Upset, he asked the Lord why he had left him in his times of greatest need. The Lord said lovingly "my son when you saw only one pair of footsteps is when I carried you".
Throughout the week we continued to meet people. One family lost their father and husband 15 days ago. We cleared up the doubt that we will resurrect with our body. Later we went with another person who had lost family recently as well and we taught simply but powerfully that death is just another step in the plan of God.
On the 12th we had a baptism. The baptism was nice and well attended.
Friday a new convert called us and invited us to come have Nachos. She thanked us for all we had done and for changing her life. She has found a friend, in the church. I am so happy for her. 
I DO NOT have changes and will be staying in Brasilia with Elder Garcia. In other news. Elder Bloom is the new AP.
Thanks for all your love support and prayers.
Elder Wright

Overlook at Mirador

On top of the world at Mirador

Baptism  March 12, 2014

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