Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week of Miracles

May 26, 2014
Queridisima Familia,
There are many who will say it was just a coincidence or luck but for those that are familiar with the workings of the Lord and know how to recognize His hand will know that it was simply His divine purposes coming to pass.
We bought a mirror for Q3. As we walked it fell out of its plastic cover and smashed to pieces. I gathered it up and noticed a lady pulling the starting cord on her Molino. I offered my help and it fired up. Her husband, Cristobal, from the tienda that was right in front of where the mirror broke, took the mirror pieces and said I have #3 but this is #2. I had no idea what he was talking about. He went to the back room then opened the garage to his window and mirror shop. Cristobal works with mirrors!!!! “What are the chances!??" We exclaimed. We bought a bigger one and got a return visit.
We left the house and waited for a bus. Finally one came and I had three pamphlets. I got on and first thing talked to the whole bus. I then passed out a Plan of Salvation and a Gospel of Christ pamphlet and was left with a Word of Wisdom one. I sat next to a 25 year old and her 8 year old daughter. They seemed interested in learning more about the pamphlets and the gringo that was giving them out. I began explaining it was a health code that the Lord reveled to a prophet. I told her we were missionaries and that we were going to a meeting in the church in San Cris. I got her number to go visit them later and her more or less address.
We got off and were about an hour into the meeting when someone came to the door. Elder Moncada went to see who it was then called me back. R. was standing there holding the pamphlet and a cell phone that looks like the one I carry. I hadn´t even noticed but it had fallen from my pocket. She came to return it. It is important to note that a lost cell phone is a quick Q20 when they sell it.
One afternoon four member and the other elders came to work with us. I went with E.C. it was fun and we found some fairly positive people. We made sweet pulled pork burritos for lunch. They were delicious.
Today we went to see Lago Atitlan from a lookout point. Some believe it is the Waters of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I am reading it once again. I am strengthening my testimony and hope you all know I know this is true.
Elder Wright

Lago Atitlan

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