Saturday, June 7, 2014

Semana Santa and a Trip to the Emergency Room‏

April 21, 2014 
We are helping a new investigator understand that this is Christ’s church. She doesn´t believe Christ formed a religion. She also had a friend that told her after studying the Bible for 12 years, that he believed Christ had committed errors. We testified that He did indeed establish a church, and He did live a perfect life. At the end our member that was helping us testified and I felt inclined to ask her to pray. I did, she accepted and after thanked us for the opportunity to pray because for the first time in a awhile she did it with a true heart according to her.
We met a lady that has a daughter with Down Syndrome. She talked about her problems and responsibilities. I felt the need to talk about trials that we can overcome with Christ. We all gave our comments on how trials help us be stronger. It was a blessing that she was able to open up.
Our investigator with the 8 month old sent a message in the afternoon. That the child was very sick, with a cough, phlegm, and fever. He was not improving. We decided a trip to the hospital would be necessary. We thought of R. the new bishopric member. We called him, he answered and came. The miracle is R. left his phone in the truck all day and was with his in laws. They invited him to stay for dinner but for some reason he refused. He opened the door to the truck just as we called. The Lords timing is perfect. Because it was Easter just about every main street in the center of Huehue was blocked off so the people could make their rugs of dyed sawdust and sand. I am on the east side of town more or less and all access to the west where the hospital is was completely blocked unless you went way out of the way to circle around it. We got there got him in and evaluated. They said if we would have waited longer it is possible he could have suffocated or choked on his own phlegm. He has pneumonia.
Earlier I had  been given some bread with jelly that I was able to give to V. so she could spend the night. Another miracle of the day!
Every day I recognize more and more how much the Lord is in the details of our lives.
I do have a testimony that the Lord lives. He lived a perfect life. Through His atonement we can be clean and strengthened. I know He loves us and that death was swallowed up in Him.
"Death is conquered man is free, Christ has won the victory." I am so grateful for Him and His eternal Sacrifice!!!
Love Elder Wright
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