Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lots of Contacting

May 12, 2014
The Lord blesses us for being a little persistent. Monday night someone whistled. I returned to the door at the small tienda. We began talking and they interrogated me where I am from and all that fun stuff. They tried lying about who whistled. We set up a return visit to play Jenga on Thursday.
We taught our 18 year old investigator that wants to be baptized about the word of wisdom. 
We were at it again contacting people the whole day. We were able to teach a man about the restoration he doesn’t believe there are prophets on the earth today. We bore testimony of the fact there is. At one last house we found a lady who let us sit on her porch and listened to our message. 
Later in the week we played Jenga with the Family from Monday that we met. They have many kids. As we were teaching one of their little girl understood and began teaching her little cousins it was neat. Then they brought out food and more food and more food.
We taught about the Book of Mormon to J. at least reinforced it. She is reading it and hopefully she can gain a testimony this way.
It was great to see you and talk to you on Mother’s Day. The party here was in the Central Park and all of the mothers were there. The mayor gave gifts. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Thank you Mother Dear and the other mother´s that have made a difference in my life.
We went with the mission leader and did visits to two contacts. 
Sunday someone asked me, “How come I am so happy?” I guess I just love being a missionary!!! I love all aspects of it. New people, gospel study, being close to God and the spirit. I love it. I live the gospel and there is a quote from President Hinckley that says, “Want to be the gospel of Christ." 
I love you so!!! Thank you for your love and support. I will be living the dream for the time that is left to me. 
Elder Wright
Elder Wright

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