Monday, November 18, 2013

Learn to Teach

November 18, 2013
I am no longer with Elder Pantigoso just Elder Hendrickson. FYI Elder Quentin L Cook is coming to the mission in January. We are excited about that.
I also saw Elder Bloom. He is STILL in Olinte. He is going to train there. He will be there a total 11 months. He joked that I watched them plant the corn behind the house, I watched it grow, I watched them pick the corn, and I will watch them plant it again. He has a good attitude and it was good to see him.
We had an interesting contact experience. We knocked at a door and a teenage girl answered. I did my best to smile and make a positive impression. She said, "one second". Then closed the door went back and the door opened again. The mom came and talked to us. I put on the charm again trying to get in to visit. Again one second the door closed. This time it opened and it was the mom again, with the other daughter behind her. I don´t know if it was a fashion show of the gringos or what. We offered service, they said no thanks. So I jokingly said alright we will come some other day and wash the clothes they laughed and we walked off. The door closed. We walked down about 10 steps then the door opened again. Come in they said. We were really confused but went in and taught.
We had an awesome lesson from a member reference. The investigator found some stuff in the Bible she questioned. Later in the week we got a call from a member she had a family that wanted to hear more about the gospel. She set up an appointment for Thursday at 7 and invited us. That is how missionary work is supposed to work. Members invite their friends then invite us.
We took Jenga and taught the restoration to a mom and her ten year old daughter. This lady is looking for God, comfort, and spiritual guidance. I feel like we fit the description to help her with all three.
It was times for interviews with President. As usual it wasn´t what I expected but exactly what I needed. Later we had an Elders quorum activity that night and it was tasty with BBQ chicken. We left talked to a lady we felt we needed to. Caught a miracle bus and were happy to get home at 9.
This week we taught a member and her mother about Family History work. It was a very spiritual lesson and it taught me that I need to do better at this. Elder Hendrickson had a powerful story. It was super special.
This was such a great week finding new people. Getting references having a correlation and lots more things. Very awesome. Thank you for your prayers and faith. I love you tons.
Elder Wright

Thoughts On Living The Dream‏

November 11, 2013
We had a positive lesson with a couple, in which He asked the golden question. . . "What is the right church?" I am excited to teach him.
We did divisions with Central. I went with Elder Gneiting from Idaho Falls (almost Rigby). He reminds me a lot of Uncle Todd with his jokes and the way he talks. He works hard. We had three lessons with a member. That was awesome. In the first we taught about baptism using 3 Ne 27:21,20. in that order. The member bore powerful testimony. In fact the member couldn´t stop talking. We hustled to another lesson with an investigator. He is not a member, his family are all members.
Our next visit with an investigator, she was amazing. We planned to talk about baptism. We planned a solid lesson. We explained showing the picture of Christ getting baptized that He set the perfect example and that we must follow it being baptized by someone holding authority, by immersion. Then asked the question "What can you do to better follow the example of Jesus Christ?" She said I need to get baptized by immersion. She said that lots of trials have come lately. I remembered a scripture I found recently in 1 Ne 15:23-24. I shared it explaining that trials will come but to get through it then we must hold on to the iron rod. How? Church, scriptures etc. She accepted to come to church.
We finished at a family. The father gathered all his children before he let us begin. They said the church wasn´t important and we all are looking for God. I used the example of how the father had gathered his children and in like manner, Father in Heaven wants to gather His children in only one church.
We worked with a recent convert here in Toto. She took us to three new houses. It helps so much to have members.
We did some crazy service for a lady's front yard of her abandoned house. It was crazy. We made it a little better.
Our Zone had a baptism. That was super neat.
Changes- Elder Navarro, Gneiting, and Pantigoso have changes. I was enjoying my time with Pantigoso.
Please continue praying for my investigators. Thank you for all of your love and support.
I love you all and desire the best for you. 
 Elder Wright

Up Hill Battle

November 4, 2013
Querida Familia,
It was a challenging week. Many visits fell through, nobody was home.
At a meeting with the President he taught six principles of powerful prayer. 1-Pour out your soul 2- Ask is there more. The Lord is always willing to give us more than we ask for. Like Joseph Smith just wanted to know what church to join and he received the revelation. Nephi wanted to know the interpretation of the dream of his father and he received the vision of the history and future of the world. 3- Pray for eyes to see ears to hear, and heart to feel the things of God. 4- Ponder with prayer 5- Consumed in the joy of Christ. 6- The will of the Father.
Today in my zone meeting message I did an activity where you stack coins on your bent elbow and have to catch them with the same hand. I did it to illustrate the need to be happy with what we have but not content with mediocrity. It is neat to do 5 coins but why not 8 or 10. They understood fairly well. Satan will try to make us happy with just something “good" when we can achieve something better or even best. The brother of Jared got to a better place and stayed four years we must always be progressing to a higher level. (eter2:14)
When leaving the apartment for lunch the thought crossed my mind that we are always to pray before leaving. So I said a prayer for protection and to recognize opportunities. As we went we found a drunk in the middle of the road that had passed out and split his head open. We basically picked him up and put him on the side walk. He probably won´t remember it, but some people were watching. It turns out when we got to the members house five minutes later in the bus, She asked what we did with the drunk. I had no idea she had even seen us. But who knows.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It wasn´t a big deal here. I think there were some people that dressed up but we didn´t see them. They have legit costumes like those of Disneyland. The bigger celebration is the 1st and 2nd of Nov. They go on the 1st called the dia de los muertos/santos (Day of the Dead/saints) to leave wreaths of flowers and things at the cemetery. Then on the second they put candles and they all go and eat lunch there and fly huge kites. It is like the feria just in the cemetery.
We went to help a member move. But when we got there at 830 as they had asked it was pretty much done. We went instead to help our investigators move. We helped a lot moving in furniture. sweeping, and what not.
I went on divisions with Armando Arriola to do a visit but our investigator wasn´t home. It was different going from a trio to going out with a member, it was a good experience.
Our investigator asked, “What was the purpose of our visits”. I answered to teach the restoration and help you get closer to Christ. She told us I am good where I am at. That killed me.
At church Elder Morales from Guatemala came. He is an Area 70. He bore a powerful testimony. I guess he was the mission president here in the Xela mission in 05-08. Pretty neat. I hope that my testimony can be that powerful and my conviction strong. I appreciate all your prayers and support.
 Elder Wright
Happy Halloween
Huge Kite

Monday, October 28, 2013

Doin' Work

October 28, 2013
We had a meeting with an investigator last Monday. He had read chapter 31 of 2 Nefi. That was awesome. He asked about the door we should enter. I explained the door was baptism but the key was the authority. We explained how the spirit works and each took opportunities to share our personal experiences. I always expect writing in the sky or something big for my answer but I told him I came to realize it is little by little just feelings and passing thoughts. Hendrickson invited him in that moment to kneel with us in prayer and ask if it was true. We closed the door and turned off the cell phone. He offered a heartfelt humble prayer. The dogs were barking but then they went away. A peace and tranquility filled the room We sat in silence.

At the Noche de hogar we watched the restoration. Then they paused it blindfolded me saying they were going to do an activity. Spun me around about 30 times and took the cover off. Right in front of me was a huge cake. I was smiling so big and couldn´t say more than muchas gracias. I did the traditional mordida (bite) and they missed the head push so I did it again to be a good sport and they got me good. (See the fotos)
A phone call informed us that we would be receiving a another elder back in a Trio. We picked up Elder Pantigoso from Peru. La libertad. I continued celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. Two investigators surprised me with a cake and gift. It was super nice of them.
The Lord is in the details of our lives. We planned a lesson to teach one of our investigators the commandments. It wasn´t necessarily the next logical step but Elder Hendrickson suggested it and we felt good about it. We got there and our investigator asked before we start if I am going to get baptized will you explain to me more about the commandments. That was awesome to know the spirit had helped us plan.
Later that night we played Jenga with two different families. It was a good way to teach the restoration, the falling of the church, the construction of many different churches without all the pieces, and then the restoration of the true one and strong church.
Sunday, I played the piano for the first time in Sacrament Meeting. It turned out well. I was super nervous but I did work. The second counselor in the temple presidency came and talked. He is a gringo from Kentucky originally Arizona. Mortenson. He told a story that the first lesson he taught on his mission in Mexico the guy got baptized. Later about 20 years he went to the temple in Mesa and the Mortenson guy went and asked how come you only brought 3 of your 6 kids to be sealed. The answer was they couldn´t get the money to bring all 6. But the great news is that temples are dotting the world and we don´t have to choose it is so close. But we must go to one that we have so close!!!!
I love you all and I know this is the true church. Take care!!!
Elder Wright
Elder Hendrickson, Elder Wright, Elder Pantigoso

Traditional Mordida 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Solid Week and 21 años‏

October 21, 2013
Querida Familia,
Gracias por todo su apoyo en esos mi 21 años. Les quiero mucho.
One of our investigators was having a birthday, we bought her a cake, and had a balloon and a sign. We dropped it at the door and hid in the corn to watch their reaction. They thanked us a lot and shared some of the cake.
With our challenge to do 10 new contacts we did one thanks to our taxi driver. Along the way he stopped and picked up a lady. Turns out she is the sister in law of a member. We set up an appointment to visit her. 
That night we met the Father of one of our investigators. Turns out he has a problem with liquor and is looking for a church. To think we found them while contacting and fulfilling our new goal of 10 contacts daily.
At the end of our lesson to another investigator and his family members we challenged all three to baptism and they have accepted!!!
This week brought an emergency trip to Xela for a zone leader council with the President. Mostly it was to brainstorm ideas for November. For me it was a direct answer to prayer to know how to better fulfill my calling. President also taught that we need to rely on the spirit to discern the needs and then do our part to teach to the exact needs of the individual.
I baked cupcakes in the church and practiced the piano for the Hymns next week. I am a little nervous. I don´t think I have ever played in sacrament meeting. But we will ir por el oro.
I had many people at church wish me happy birthday. It was sweet. I got a text from this wonderful family in the ward wishing me Happy Birthday! They fed us lunch and I got my special order of Jocon. After a full first plate they asked if I wanted a little more. I said ok. Then it came back as full if not more than the first. Then I shared my cupcakes it was really nice. They sang to me, I felt really loved.
At the end of the day on Sunday the husband and wife investigators had their front room all decorated with streamers and a poster that said FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ELDER WRIGHT! It was awesome. They even bought me a cake. I felt loved. They sang and it was a great end to my Birthday.
I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and more importantly for the love and support throughout my 21 years of life. Thank you for your help and sacrifice on my behalf.
Elder Wright
Gifts from Home

Birthday Gift from Dad
Birthday Party at Investigators Home
Tradition Mordida 

Working Hard, and Following the Spirit

October 14, 2013
Querida Familia,
We have had pouring rain. We are focusing on trying to get 10 contacts outside of our plan daily. To use Justin's words we "fearlessed" in the Centro park. We had 3 crazy kids asking us all about English. We contacted the parents and they seem more or less interested. I respect you a lot Justin for doing that almost daily it is challenging but gets better with practice. Keep it up!
We are working with the Stake President about how to work more with the members and get things moving forward. We have attended ward council and shared a message to get the members animated.
President Hinckley once talked about if we are led to do or say something good it is of the spirit. I am trying harder to learn to do this. One night I was walking and a man passed, I thought it was one of our new investigators. I felt I needed to stop him, so I called out. He came back. Realizing quickly that it wasn´t, we contacted him. Then we continued on our course. The real investigator came around the corner. I was grateful to have followed the impression to stop the first man, since this set us up to talk to our investigator at the right moment.
We made sloppy joes with an investigator. We taught creatively that the bread, meat and spices/sauce were like the three fundamentals of the iglesia of Jesus Christ, prophets and apostles, authority and revelation. It went well. We pray she can progress. She has to go back to work and it will be hard.
A husband and wife that we are working with have had many challenges. Heavenly Father continues answering prayers. . . Today we found out that things worked out with their house and they will be changing homes at some point. They also found Q40 on the ground, what a blessing for them. In helping them we watched the Joseph Smith movie so they can have a solid testimony of the church. It applied really well with all the trials the saints passed and all that they are currently passing through.
I know that the book of Mormon is the most true book on earth. I know that as we follow its precepts we can return with our Heavenly Father. I know that obedience is necessary. I know that when we fall, the Atonement and our loving Savior is there to pick us up and help us to do better. With the Atonement we can have more strength than our natural abilities. I know this is the true church. That we have the authority to act in God´s name. Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet guiding us and keeping us one step ahead of the adversary. I don´t know these things because some one has told me but because the Spirit of God has let me know. I testify in the name of the Master even Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all.
Elder Wright

Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy Week As Usual

October 7, 2013
Querida Familia,
The week was normal which means it was crazy with lots to do and meetings and everything else. If my week didn´t have anything exciting that would be abnormal, but that is how it is living the dream.
I hit 16 months crazy. I wish it went slower.
Changes as normal were exiting to see all the old buddies. I picked up Elder Hendrickson from Galesburg Illinois. I knew him when I was in Pueblo Viejo and he in Choqui. He is ready to work hard.
We hit the ground running taking the two new elders to Juchanep and showing them some members houses.
We went to Xela for the Leadership council. We talked about doing 10 contacts a day in the street outside of our plan. Basically what Justin calls fearlessing I think. That night we knelt down with a member and prayed about 5 names to know who to visit.
We went with a 12 year old that is reading the LdM. I hope we will be able to teach her whole family. We also got referenced to a new investigator teaching them the plan of salvation. Conference was awesome. I actually got to watch all 5 sessions in English! I wanted to put my Spanish to the test and see if I understood it all but at the same time it was great to hear the voice of the prophet and all of the others. I got a lot out of it. Richard J. Maynes called my attention talking about sports but I liked that individually we learn the lessons we need to qualify for eternal life. I have learned many here in the mission. I liked the concept of being in spiritual shape. Dedication perseverance and self discipline. We will become immovable as we strengthen our conversion. Then Heb 12:1 Let us lay aside every weight and the sins that easily beset us to run the race before us.
President Eyring-We don´t know our investigators perfectly but God does.
Sunday some members from Olinte came to conference because they heard I was in Toto and wanted to visit. It was sweet and made me feel good. Even though I was there a short time I was remembered. I wish I would of had more time to talk but it was nice.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support.
Elder Wright
Elder Hendrickson

Members, Elder Wright, Elder Taylor

Fresh Bag Water

Monday, September 30, 2013

Blasted Feria...and a call from the Jefe

September 30, 2013
Querida Familia,
I love you a whole bunch and want that they know the love that I have for you, that I appreciate the good words that find me every Monday. They help me very much and I want to express my appreciation to you.
The feria arrived and was in full swing. Food stands and gift stands and other stands everywhere!!! ALL week Long!!! With the Feria came a concert every night from 8-11pm and again from 4-6am. With huge fireworks that would wake me up. The concert was sooo loud and we were so close it sounded as if it was in our house. Needless to say we didn´t sleep that much. We tried contacting the sellers without much success. With the help of our investigators they helped us buy souvenirs. We told them what we wanted and they went and got it for a better price.
We were part of the parade as we went down to the church for our district meeting. Mid week we hiked to Tierra Colorada and found one lady that was positive. We also found some suspicious looking plants, and poisonous mushrooms. It was fun.
This week we had a special activity planned to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the voluntary firefighters. They came to the church and asked for a spiritual activity. So we planned for the 35 fireman and their spouses. We had two boxes and lots of pamphlets in the back of the chairs where the hymn books go. Only 11 showed up. But it was still "a good activity"
Thanks mom for the sticky bun recipe, we made them with a couple we are teaching. They turned out really well.
Saturday I got a call from President....He told me that Browning was leaving and I would be with Elder Hendrickson. He is from Illinois.
I have been strengthened by God. I have felt the love and support of Him in my challenging times.
Love you Tons,
Elder Wright
End of Blasted Feria!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Light at the End

September 23, 2013
Adversity if handled correctly can be a blessing in our lives."
--Come what may and Love it by Joseph B Wirthlin.
We made sloppy joes for Pday as a zone unity activity. They turned out well. That night we visited with a gentleman who is coming back to church after 50 years of inactivity. He told us to be grateful and to remember that every soul is great in the sight of the Lord.
I have learned two lessons crystal clear among others. 1) I will never let alcohol touch my lips nor those of my children. 2) I must always be worthy of the Spirit and the priesthood.
Among other news we got a call that informed us that one of the elders that waited 7 months for his visa to Peru was leaving the next day, and as a result Elder Amaya had changes.
We taught a mother and daughter and had a few members accompany us. One of the members shared her testimony. She told us after that she doesn´t like talking but she was asking the Lord for help. It was answered because the Spirit helped her bear powerful testimony, and she said go forward with faith three times. She connected to them and made them feel like they were truly wanted in church. It also led us right into the next scripture we had prepared.  We asked them about being baptized. They both want to. The daughter was baptized on Saturday and the service was bonito. After the stress it truly was a light at the end of a tunnel.
We had the wonderful opportunity to eat cow intestine for lunch. It wasn´t half bad. The family did wash it really well, so hopefully I don´t get any new friends in my estomago.
We will keep battling for success. I know the Lord takes us to our limits. For there is no growth in the comfort zone nor is there comfort in the growth zone. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary and have all the experiences to change and mold me.
Elder Wright
Emily's Baptism September 21, 2013

Making Sloppy Joe's

Building Zone Unity

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Series of Unfortunate Events

September 16, 2013
Querida Familia,
The Lord sometimes pushes us and stretches us and pushes us until we get to the edge. Then He pushes us one more time and.....We Fly!!!

We gave a solid lesson to one of our investigator families giving them a triple combination. I shared Mosiah 5:15 telling them they must be strong and prepared even against the spiritual earthquakes.
This week rain drops keep falling on my head and soaking me daily.
We found a new investigator who has a nephew that has a hole in his heart and lung. I had a little bit of background in that with my nephew. So I taught them about faith, and having an understanding of the plan of salvation.
We were running a little late to do divisions with Chiyax. I saw a lady washing clothes and the Spirit told me to talk to her. I had prayed that morning to be more aware of the spiritual impressions, and to recognize those that God put in our path. Well, I kept walking and tried to tell myself we are late, and we can come back tomorrow. Elder Amaya around this time had found a micro SD card. I couldn't put it off and told them to stop and we went back. I began thinking what I was going to say and the thought came to ask about the SD card. It was theirs. We got a return visit out of it, and 3 free bananas. I am grateful I listened to the spirit.
Friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious guy but it brought some bad news. The bad new started as usual with a phone call.... One of our investigators had left and was out drinking. We passed by the street of His favorite bar. We decided to check. He came out just as we got to the door. He slapped his forehead like oh puchica!!!! (darn or crap) We were the last people he wanted to see. We went across the street to talk. He told us you guys really have power, God put you in my path. He had legitimately had a change take place. I told him our power came from love and obedience, and calling on the power of God. We convinced him to go home.
Sunday 15 Feliz Dia de Independencia Guatemala!!!
Through all these many challenging experiences I am coming closer to my Savior and trying to learn all that I can. I appreciate all of your prayers and love. Thank you so much.
Elder Wright
Making Decorations 

Overlook of Toto

Possible Earthquake Damage

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Broken Hearts, Feeble Knees, Fallen Hands‏

September 9, 2012
We went to Xela for the leadership council it was a spiritual boost. President talked about the Atonement. He said we must be obedient to do miracles. But also have patience and faith. God waits before helping us so that we can learn and so we know we are saved only after all that we can do 2 Nephi 25:23. The Atonement is there to mend broken hearts, strengthen the feeble knees and lift the fallen hands. 
In Zone meeting I gave my talk on the Atonement. I focused on how the Atonement has an enabling power. There are many scriptural accounts. 1 Nephi 7:17; Mosiah 24:14-15; Alma 31:31,33,38; and Alma 14:26-28. They all teach us to ask for stronger shoulders and not for lighter burdens. Little did I know I was about to put that into practice.
One of our investigators called me and he had started drinking, I called his wife and tried to give her some pick me up advice but it didn´t help much. On the bright side we did have a good lesson that night with a new investigator and friend that is a member.
I went with Elder Cardona from Guatemala. He is in Juchanep and we did divisions.
We hooked back up iwth our investigator that had been drinking and his wife. We explained it was like teaching a kid to walk we don´t yell at them when they fall but encourage them to keep trying. I talked about learning to play the piano it doesn't sound good at first but little by little with practice it will. He started to lighten up a bit. We shared Mosiah 24:10-15 with them. I tried to remember a scripture I had read long ago and the spirit helped Mosiah 7:23,33. They were tearing up as they read in and when I testified of the atonement and plan or our Heavenly Father. 
We received a phone call to pick up our new comp. So we ate lunch and took a field trip coming back with Elder Amaya from Honduras. 
That night I did explain very simply the Atonement to our investigators and they really liked it. Even the daughter has been touched and they say she is the one that is always asking to go to church. That was a bright light in the week.
To add more excitement EARTHQUAKE!!!! in the middle of our lesson at 6:18pm Friday night a 6.5 temblor that lasted (37seconds according to my count) I was super excited because I was feeling my first earthquake or temblor. Then I texted the zone to see if they were ok. I received about 40 messages and 10 calls in about 30 minutes it was nuts but I couldn´t have expected anything less in such a crazy week with the landslide of emotions.
That was the end of the craziest week of my mission......or was it. The atonement is truly an enabling power and I am coming to love it more day by day.
Elder Wright
Cookies from the First Ward Mia Maids- "Um Delicious!"

Elder Wright and Elder Cardona

Elder Amaya, Elder Browning, Elder Wright

Monday, September 2, 2013

Facing Trials Head On

September 2, 2013
The feria is starting this month, it is like NASA trying to reach the goal of Kennedy to make it to the moon before this decade is out. Well like all things in life it isn´t worth as much unless we work for it. And battling a divorce and on upcoming feria it sure does feel like we are working against the current. But the Lord is strengthening us day after day and I am learning how to work in the face of challenges.
We must be as Ammon and when the trials come the sheep get scattered we must use it as an opportunity to show forth our power, or the power of God that is within us.
Sometimes the trials come to humble us and help us to rely on the atonement. So that is what I will do.
We had an activity of basketball. Lots of investigators came. It helped a lot.
President called to check up on us. He told us to read and apply Alma 17:2-5 one of my favorite chapters. From my favorite character Ammon. I crossed referenced it with Alma 8:10. Then shared it in the zone meeting. I offered a prayer for the zone faith filled and humble that we could get our goals. To help one of our investigators we went to RENAP to search the records, that is worse than the DMV. They couldn´t find the marriage papers at first then called us later that they had. We went back to RENAP to get the birth certificates for the 5 kids that we know the names. Well we found 4 of the 5 kids and the last one wasn´t on the computer so we took four 500 page books with 4 names per page of all the kids that were born in the year we thought it was....Needless to say about 45 minutes later we hadn't found it so who knows.Hope you all finished out the summer well. Here I don´t really pay much attention what season it is because it is different. Have a great week.I love you so much and hope all is well.
Elder Wright
Basketball Activity

Searching Records

Tierra Colorada in the Mountains

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Atonement Has Power

August 26, 2013
We shared a FHE lesson on Mateo 16:26. It asks the question for what will a man sell his soul? The obvious answer should be nothing but many small things happen in the life that are worth retrospect. In Momos on Pday while waiting for the pizza we would play Foosball for Q1. But the money thing jammed and kept giving us free games. A stroke of luck or a challenge of our integrity? However you see it. I had to ask am I willing to sell my soul, my integrity for Q1. NO. We should not let anything slow us down in our quest to be 100% obedient.We got 4 new Elders in Chiyax, and 1 new in Juc ha.Wednesday I talked in Zone meeting on putting off the Natural man and using the atonement to become a saint. Certain events in life always help us learn by obedience, or by experience. One lesson we can learn is the miraculous power of the Atonement. It is for both the sinner and the saint. The atonement will raise us to new levels. On Sunday I understood what it meant to repent daily and try to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. This will raise us to new levels. It is more than just stop bad actions, but stop the thoughts and ideas from getting there. I believe it was Packer that said our mind is like a stage and we are not responsible for the thoughts that come in but how long they stay. We must use the wonderful atonement to be better day after day. The atonement has power.We had a great lesson with our investigators, and are planning baptisms in September. They came to church and with their daughter. It was awesome. Two young women whisked her away to Sunday School. Thank you for all of your support and love. Just know that the Atonement is there to make us better. Pray to know how you can apply the atonement more in your life. I promise you will be enlightened and the spirit will be more abundant in your life.
Elder Wright
Toto Sunset August 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ups and Downs

August 19, 2013 
During the week we contacted a family who´s grandma just passed away and shared the plan of salvation. We had a noche de hogar (FHE) with a couple we are working with. Found a new contact and taught about the restoration and answered question she asked about Jose Smith.
We had a visit on one mountain and we didn´t want to go down and back up the other so we went through the jungle of corn and weeds. I don´t know how much time we saved if any, but it was much more fun.  We met those we were looking for. the son has problems with drinking, but we will try to help him out. We committed him to 24 hours.
September 15 is the Independence Day, but in Toto they have a feria (a fair) basically a month long party, from the 9th to the 30th.Saturday we had a baptismal service three were baptized, we are extremely happy for them.
At the baptism they announced the first hymn Come Follow Me and looked around for someone to play the piano. Kept looking and I walked up to the piano without any beforehand notice and whipped it out.  That is one of the only two hymns I feel comfortable and confident playing in front of people. Then they surprised us again saying the Elders will sing a special hymn. Nearer My God to Thee. Well that is the other one, so I played it as well. I am not as good as Justin but I made do.
This week we played basketball with the Naualah Zone that was fun!  
It was good to have our investigators come to church, we hope they will be baptized in September.Changes are Tuesday, I will stay in the same companionship and maybe have a trio. Only three in our Zone have changes. They are taking all the Elders out of Chiyax and putting in four new ones. Thanks for all you do.
Elder Wright 

Our Zone in Toto

Going through the corn

Don´t Count Chickens Before They Hatch‏‏

August 12, 2013
Glad Justin made it to Nueva York and is working hard. We went on visits with President this week Monday night and Tuesday morning. Our investigator didn´t come to the first visit, but we got a reference from some members. After I got a phone call from another investigator asking for our help. We went and took them to our visit scheduled at a member’s house. We had a solid lesson with the President. We had plans for several of our investigators to come to church, as it turned out none of our investigators came to church. Talk about counting chickens before they hatch. But we will hit this next week with renewed strength and do work. Of other interesting things that happened, I made sticky buns and they were delicious. I have felt a few earthquakes and even one I slept through. I love you all and am glad all is well and that you had fun at Powell.
Elder Wright
Visit from President and Sister Bautista

Sticky Buns!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casi Cayeron Lagrimas Twice

August 5, 2013
I celebrated my 14 month (que loco) with a trip to Xela for the Leadership council. It was neat because 5 from my group are ZL. President Bautista talked about leadership.We had zone meeting. I gave a talk, sharing what I felt.The first set of tears almost came on Thursday. Our investigator told us last Saturday the last time he drank the lady told him that she was changing business spots and there would be free liquor to celebrate on Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd. Can you imagine a bigger temptation for an alcoholic trying to stop drinking. But He said. "I was going to go. At 3 pm I was going. But I remembered the picture of Christ you gave me and I pulled it out and remembered I want to stop. So I am here with you guys." I was grinning from ear to ear to know he didn't go. I congratulated him and told him he had won a battle in a long war.This week we received a text message reference and have a new investigator!Our Mission President called on Thursday and wants to go with us tonight Monday.My comp had his birthday and we kept eating and eating. We ate a tamale of rice and tortillas with beans for breakfast. Then a huge lunch and right after 3 tostadas with guacamole. Then two pieces of cake at another members, and at last I made Sloppy Joes for dinner and had ice-cream and Oreos for dessert. It was nuts. I hope I pass my Bday here! We also put a fecha with a wife of a member for the 17th, she and her husband will need lots of prayers. But it wasn´t all fun and games. One of our investigators had given into drinking, I was crushed. This time tears came out of sadness.We went vine swinging for Pday, just like Tarzan. We hiked for an hour but it was so worth it.
Elder Wright

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Test of Faith

July 29, 2013
Querida Familia,
This week was a blast. We were so busy and pushed to the limits. We challenged the entire zone to put two fechas. It was testing my faith, but I just trusted in the Lord and it all turned out well.
Walking down from lunch a drunk asked the two Elders ahead of us for a blessing but they ignored him. The drunk repeated his request for a blessing. If he would have said anything else I would have ignored him like the others. But I asked how he knew about blessings. I got his name and his number and left him with a pamphlet on the Word of Wisdom. It is amazing God provided the means for us to find his house.
Sunday our investigator attended church. He really liked it and said everyone said hi to me, even the little kids.
We had a meeting with all the bishoprics and branch presidencies in the Stake Toto to help them get them fired up about missionary work.
We had an activity with another investigator and we decided to go with some members that were doing visits. We went with 4 Relief Society Sisters, 2 Young Women, and the Ward Mission Leader. They invited her to the activities and the Young Women invited her daughter to mutual. It was so awesome.
The Lord hears and answers prayers but he also wants to see our faith and diligence. Please remember them in your prayers. I love you.
Elder Wright
Elder Wright Toto