Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great News

April 7, 2014 
1 April Fools!!!! No joke we went to Xela for a meeting. We got all the Huehue Zone Leaders in one van it was awesome. The meeting was great!
We taught one of our investigators about the Atonement and explained how much the Savior loves her and is mindful of her. She expressed she could feel that the Savior does love her, when we were teaching her. 
At lunch a member told us, “What a great privilege to have a representative of Christ in my house.” This was humbling.
We taught a lady and her kids the restoration. They have changed so much. The lesson was super powerful and the rain that came stopped for the lesson and right when we were challenging them to pray about it. The rain came down on a tin roof and the baby started crying. 
We helped our neighbors move. We rode in the back of the moving van... it was weird not having any idea where I was. 
We were walking back from sector Brasilia and crossed the bridge about 100 yards down from where we met a couple we know. I also got the impression to cross the street and talk to a person on the other side. I began to talk and she told us her thoughts and life were like the highway with curves and zigs and zags. Turns out about a month ago Elder De Leon gave her kids a soccer ball. 
We asked if she had time for a visit and she did, we also met her neighbor. We taught about the power of atonement and invited them to conference. We left them a copy of the Book of Mormon and I felt inspired to mark Alma 7:11:15.
I watched all sessions of General Conference in Spanish, and understood it all except for very few words. It was amazing to see the gift of tongues at work. For the interested I was in the same chapel I watched it last year. Ha what are the chances? On Sunday of General Conference our investigator we invited and her neighbor did come. During one of the talks she recognized the scripture in Alma 7 that I left, she read, and Bednar quoted. It was amazing!
It rang true that the Lord wants us to be obedient in all things and he will bless us if we are. He also wants us to be happy and will allow us to be so through the Atonement. 
Small Poem I wrote
As my time winds down, I try not to frown. 
The end is coming near, and I have loved my time here
I have felt grace and love, From He that is above.
Although the future gives me a scare, I know that I am in His care.
Whate´er the trial I can Bear for I am in His care. 
Elder Wright
Helping the neighbors move

212 Degrees

March 31, 2014 
I heard a quote in district meeting. "Goals without work are "wishes". Work without goals is slavery. Goals with work is success." In order to live the dream we have to work to meet our goals. As we do we will be successful in achieving what the Lord would have us do. 
We have been busy teaching people, making Chile Rellenos, and were called upon by our neighbors to pray for their family. Their nephew had sustained an injury. They are not members and yet trusted us. In our companionship we are working on using each other’s ideas when working with investigators, this is working out well.
We had some visits fall so with the extra time we set up and fearlessed talking to everyone. It is defiantly a challenge in Guatemala because many don´t have cell phones and directions are explained like this, “I live by the church, to the left half a block, by the green wall, up 14 steps....”
It has been getting hot but today it hit the boiling point.
WOW, I can´t believe it, 22 months.
We had two investigators come to church. One of the investigators cousin, a recent convert has been awesome to work with us. They all seemed to enjoy it.
Thank you for your prayers and I appreciate your emails each week. 
Elder Wright

Learning to make Jocan

Jocan cooking

Finished Jocan ready to eat!