Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“White” Gold at the End of the Rainbow

February 3, 2014
I don´t know if anybody was worried or even knew but this week was changes and I will be staying with Elder Garcia in Brasilia.
Reflecting on the emails I received about the atonement and how much God gives us verses how much we can handle. Perhaps one of the most important things is the recognition of the hand of God in my life. It is really interesting to take a step back and really do some introspection on how we are with ourselves and with God.
Well we did what the Wright´s are famous for..... Put miles on the car. We were in Xela again!!! For the 4th time this month this time for a leadership council. President Bautista referred to the story of the bother of Jared. Jared brought rocks before the Lord and it worked for light. But President tells us "It is not important what you bring before the Lord as long as it is your best" Jared could have brought sticks and the Lord would have turned them into the first glow sticks. But the thing is as long as we are trying our best the Lord will do the rest.
We had a lesson with a new single mother who is an investigator. We invited another single mother to come and she did. It was a solid lesson. We taught that she is never alone and the lady we invited to come along gave a powerful testimony in getting support and love from the Lord and the attendance at church.
We did divisions this week with Elder Perry from Pleasant Grove Utah. It was a blast.
Friday we rounded a corner on just in time to volunteer to do service. We carried a ton of blocks for a family showing up just at the right time.
Saturday we had a baptism. The Hnas sang the primary song "I love to look for Rainbows" It was super appropriate. The service was very spiritual.
This is what one of our investigators three year old son said to his grandma when she asked him if he wanted some coffee, “No grandma if I drink coffee I can´t go to church anymore." I was proud of our investigator for teaching him good principles.
Elder Wright
Baptism February 1, 2014

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