Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ad Astro Per Aspera‏

March 10, 2014
Ad Astro Per Aspera‏- is a Latin saying that means "to the stars through challenges" he fun started after the short lesson, we asked for their DPI (ID card) The dad could not find his at first. I just shook my head. I began pouring out my heart in prayer. "HERE IT IS!!". I changed my prayers of plea to thanksgiving. Well about 5 minutes of turning the room upside down. She couldn´t find it. Getting a new one takes about 3 months. But I had a small feeling of peace and said it isn´t lost, you will find it perhaps in the light of day. Then one of the children with hand help up triumphantly comes out of the room, “I FOUND IT!!! What joy filled my heart as one of the simplest but most needed miracles unfolded before my eyes. I gave thanks to Heavenly Father again. Later in the week we went to RENAP to get the paperwork to do the marriage.
I decided to make a bracket for March madness in the zone. We competed with finding new investigators, investigators with a baptismal date, and attendance at church. It was fun. We got passed the first round, but lost in the semis. It made it fun.
I went to Chinacá on divisions. Justin may go to Chinatown, but the closest I can get is Chinacá. The only thing is here I can´t shout in Chinese... just Spanish. 
Friday March 7th I participated in my second Guatemalan Wedding. Everything went smooth and the lawyer told them to set a good example they signed the paper. We signed as witnesses and that was that. We taught an investigator about tithing. He understands well and will be baptized on Wednesday.
 The M Family entered into the baptismal covenant on March 8th. A tender mercy from the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Sunday with each confirmation they were blessed to become an eternal family. It was special. I was so happy for all of them.
Elder Wright
Elder Wright
Elder Wright and Elder Flores on Divisions

Familia Baptism

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