Monday, February 24, 2014

An Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

February 24, 2014
This week the kids of one of our investigators came with us to the FHE with a member family. They are very well behaved kids. One thing that was explained about having FHE is it can be used to work out problems as a family. I thought it was interesting that we do that as missionaries in the weekly planning session and continue doing so as a family in the FHE.
That night I sat reflecting on the trials and tribulations we all must pass through and hope and pray that I can trust more in the Lord. I know the trials we are given are for a wise purpose. I know the Lord will strengthen us and help us to progress.
We visited a member and asked if we could do anything to help her. We set up a tentative service project plan.
I went to the hospital.....
Well enough of the suspense. We went as a zone to do service. The sister we visited on Tuesday asked us to help, and it was unexpected because we weren`t going to be able to but then they gave us permission. And thus the subject line. Anyways 10 of the zone members cleaned the laundry room and I with 3 others carried a bunch of boxes from one room into a storage room. It was fun to serve. 
One afternoon we went to a part of the area I have never been to, we nicknamed it El Rincon. We found some new investigators. We met one family that recently lost their father. We taught them the plan of salvation, the hope of a better world, and seeing loved ones again. It was successful. We taught another the law of chastity, the importance of marriage.
During the week we met a lady that said we will only be resurrected in spirit. I said Christ has a resurrected body and Satan doesn`t. We continued to also teach her daughter and daughter-in-law.
Thursday night we got a reference from a member that a joven (youth) wanted to be baptized. He has been working with a member. He wants to go to church and learn more and be baptized. We taught him and he seems very positive. It was reaffirmed that the Lord is preparing people it just takes time and patience.
I am so grateful to be part of this work and to recognize the Lord preparing people to be taught. I know that He lives and guides us. Thank you all for your love and support.
Elder Wright
Favorite snack Frutada and Bread

Lunch with Zone 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blessings of the Lord

February 17, 2014
My USB got a virus and by a miracle it was recovered. Thanks for all the prayers.
This week we had a meeting with President Bautista and the other ZL here in Huehue. He shared a scripture in Abraham how the Gods had 7 days 7 goals and 7 achievements. It should help us see the goals we put and compare with the success that we have.

We found a family to teach and had the impression to teach about the rich man and compare it to the riches of time. Many people claim they do not have time to hear the gospel message or come to church. I explained when we withhold our time from the Lord we are no better than the young rich man. It is important to put God first.
We have also been teaching a family about families being together forever. I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. We made Balleadas with a couple of investigators and their friends. The friend has questions about the baptisms for the dead. We were able to answer these questions.
We went to help with the Primary activity. There is a thing here called carnival. It is family friendly. They throw confetti and eggs full of confetti on each other. I tried staying out of it but it was inevitable. They hit me a few times in the head. It is hard to explain but fun to watch. We invited and were able to bring the kids of one of our investigators. They seemed to enjoy it.
One afternoon we were out contacting when we found some kids on a trampoline. I talked with one of them in Quiche and he agreed to let us come back. Before we left they let me show them a few tricks on the trampoline. It was a long time since I had got on one of those. But it was fun!
One of the families we were working with came to church. It was such a blessing. Turns out they went to church once before in Calvario. I was glad they came. They were welcomed by the ward.
I truly feel blessed to have challenges. It helps us get stronger. The good thing is if we have challenges we can know the Lord trusts us. I know the Lord tries us and our faith and patience to help us be stronger and examples of the believers. Let us all trust in the Atonement and be strong in all that we do and take on.
Elder Wright

Primary Activity they throw confetti on each other
and smash eggshells full of confetti 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recognizing the Lord's Hand

February 10, 2014
It was a really spiritual week with lots of experiences but I will do my best to share them all even though time will not allow me to be as detailed as I would like. As you read this just think how the Lord always had us in the right spot at the right time. That he prepared us to find certain people and if we would not have been there things could have been different.
We tried to visit a lady and were accompanied by Hno N. the lady was not home. As we were getting ready to leave a 10 year old walked by and said adios Elders. I stuttered and stopped him by posing a question. Turns out Hno N. recognized him as a young boy that used to go to church. It was interesting that Hno N. was with us and recognized him.
Early in the week there was a meeting in Xela about changes. Elder Garcia went and I stayed with Elder Peterson and Monasterio. Halfway through the study Elder Garcia called and told us the whole mission was changing. They split zones making them smaller, this will be good. While out with Elder Monasterio I learned many things. We also found a lady that used to be an investigator and has a desire to return.
Midweek I felt like because we had a solid comp study and made good plans, the Lord blessed us by putting people in our path to teach. We went to do a visit with M. and found she was lowering a shelf from a truck, we helped then used Jenga to teach. They gave us some pizza and that delay set us up to find J. in the street. She has been a member about a year. She was very helpful and has the desire to help us. We then changed our plans to not go up to this group of houses to visit but stay down below. We then found a family that speaks Quiche. That delay set us up to contact a reference of Hna S. Turns out that Hna S. just happened to be there. Then we were getting ready to buy some eggs for dinner and we got called to help G. move. It was great how it all worked out.
Friday as we rounded the corner, Elder Garcia nudged me to talk to the young girl coming towards us. I did and she told us her life was critical. Upon further investigation she is 15 years old, married at age 14 with a 24 year old. We testified of Heavenly Father’s love for her. It is amazing how God timed our visits to meet people and find people we were looking for. Thank you for all you do and for your constant love and support.
Love Elder Wright
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Feliz dia del amor y cariƱo
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“White” Gold at the End of the Rainbow

February 3, 2014
I don´t know if anybody was worried or even knew but this week was changes and I will be staying with Elder Garcia in Brasilia.
Reflecting on the emails I received about the atonement and how much God gives us verses how much we can handle. Perhaps one of the most important things is the recognition of the hand of God in my life. It is really interesting to take a step back and really do some introspection on how we are with ourselves and with God.
Well we did what the Wright´s are famous for..... Put miles on the car. We were in Xela again!!! For the 4th time this month this time for a leadership council. President Bautista referred to the story of the bother of Jared. Jared brought rocks before the Lord and it worked for light. But President tells us "It is not important what you bring before the Lord as long as it is your best" Jared could have brought sticks and the Lord would have turned them into the first glow sticks. But the thing is as long as we are trying our best the Lord will do the rest.
We had a lesson with a new single mother who is an investigator. We invited another single mother to come and she did. It was a solid lesson. We taught that she is never alone and the lady we invited to come along gave a powerful testimony in getting support and love from the Lord and the attendance at church.
We did divisions this week with Elder Perry from Pleasant Grove Utah. It was a blast.
Friday we rounded a corner on just in time to volunteer to do service. We carried a ton of blocks for a family showing up just at the right time.
Saturday we had a baptism. The Hnas sang the primary song "I love to look for Rainbows" It was super appropriate. The service was very spiritual.
This is what one of our investigators three year old son said to his grandma when she asked him if he wanted some coffee, “No grandma if I drink coffee I can´t go to church anymore." I was proud of our investigator for teaching him good principles.
Elder Wright
Baptism February 1, 2014