Tuesday, April 8, 2014

212 Degrees

March 31, 2014 
I heard a quote in district meeting. "Goals without work are "wishes". Work without goals is slavery. Goals with work is success." In order to live the dream we have to work to meet our goals. As we do we will be successful in achieving what the Lord would have us do. 
We have been busy teaching people, making Chile Rellenos, and were called upon by our neighbors to pray for their family. Their nephew had sustained an injury. They are not members and yet trusted us. In our companionship we are working on using each other’s ideas when working with investigators, this is working out well.
We had some visits fall so with the extra time we set up and fearlessed talking to everyone. It is defiantly a challenge in Guatemala because many don´t have cell phones and directions are explained like this, “I live by the church, to the left half a block, by the green wall, up 14 steps....”
It has been getting hot but today it hit the boiling point.
WOW, I can´t believe it, 22 months.
We had two investigators come to church. One of the investigators cousin, a recent convert has been awesome to work with us. They all seemed to enjoy it.
Thank you for your prayers and I appreciate your emails each week. 
Elder Wright

Learning to make Jocan

Jocan cooking

Finished Jocan ready to eat!

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