Monday, March 24, 2014

Reaching Goals

March 24, 2014
Dear Family,
This week we started out going to the Mirador and had a few lessons.
Tuesday we had changes. I am with Elder Garcia and Elder De Leon. He was in the zone at Christmas time. I have testified of the plan of salvation this week on many occasions. We were talking to a lady and she told us how one can never find comfort and peace and she said something about her kids coming to the light, and that my kids would understand. I testified she wasn’t the only one with kids that went astray. Adam and Eve had one and told her of others. I testified she could be a happy united family.
Sitting at the table to study a text message came in giving us a reference. We called the number they were requesting a visit. We found the house. The wife is bedridden and didn´t talk. Her husband listened to us. I talked to him and helped to remind him about happy times. We taught the plan of salvation, and left. It was special.
I finished the BoM once again. I was a little behind my goal, but it is so nice to know it is true no matter when or how many times we read it. It is that undeniable special feeling in the heart, a warm, peaceful, airy, light feeling. I know it is true and can’t deny it.
We went to work in Malacas as a zone to help them. They are new. One Elder is from Springville, Utah. The other fresh from home. It was fun to help them out and fearless as Justin would call it.
We were blessed to find R. in our area. He apparently has gone to church before and liked it. Who knows why we were where we were when we were there, but it was guided by the Lord.
Interestingly that we went to a birthday party of a little boy that turned three. Funny thing is I was here one year ago for the same little boy’s birthday. It was fun.
Sunday we had one of our investigators at church and it went well. Sorry for the short letter. I am well and learning lots. 
Elder Wright
Birthday Party this year!

Birthday Party last year!

New Companion Elder De Leon

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