Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waiting for the Rainbows

January 27, 2014 
We woke up early to go to Xela for a leadership meeting. My favorite part of the meeting was what President Bautista said. "When a revelation or an impression comes do it even if you don´t have much confidence in it" 
One of our investigators showed great faith as she told her mother she was getting baptized, and told us: “From one day to the next my family has said so many comments that would discourage anyone else, but I do it to please God and I want the best for me and to raise my son in good principles and what better than those of our Heavenly Father.” It was neat to hear her conviction.
We did divisions with the other Elders in our area to accommodate the two interviews. I went to Calvario to do an interview and my comp stayed. I had a correlation meeting with Pte. Bautista and the Stake Pres. Gutierrez. We put together the noche de hermanamiento because the leaders got called to a meeting. It went well I directed and played the piano.
Friday we did divisions again with the Elders in our area to help the Hnas in Cerrito and to do an interview in our area. I went to Cerrito.
We had decided from the beginning of the week that we would fast as a Zone from Friday to Saturday. Well we didn´t realize we had two food activities planned making cookies and ballades. Well needless to say we talked about just fasting from Saturday to Sunday, but I told Garcia that the Lord wants a sacrifice and this would be a big one. We fasted and it was tough but well worth it.
I am so proud of our investigator and her decision to be baptized. She faced lots of opposition coming into it but she withstood it all faithfully.
Sunday I was in meetings all day. Sacrament went well with the ward conference. Then at 4pm I met with the Dad of this Stake (the high council member over mission work) At 6 pm our ward mission leader got us together to write a rough draft of a ward mission plan.
I truly appreciate all your love and support and prayers.
Elder Wright

Elder Wright with President Bautista

noche de hermanamiento

Beautiful Sunset

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