Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blessings of the Lord

February 17, 2014
My USB got a virus and by a miracle it was recovered. Thanks for all the prayers.
This week we had a meeting with President Bautista and the other ZL here in Huehue. He shared a scripture in Abraham how the Gods had 7 days 7 goals and 7 achievements. It should help us see the goals we put and compare with the success that we have.

We found a family to teach and had the impression to teach about the rich man and compare it to the riches of time. Many people claim they do not have time to hear the gospel message or come to church. I explained when we withhold our time from the Lord we are no better than the young rich man. It is important to put God first.
We have also been teaching a family about families being together forever. I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. We made Balleadas with a couple of investigators and their friends. The friend has questions about the baptisms for the dead. We were able to answer these questions.
We went to help with the Primary activity. There is a thing here called carnival. It is family friendly. They throw confetti and eggs full of confetti on each other. I tried staying out of it but it was inevitable. They hit me a few times in the head. It is hard to explain but fun to watch. We invited and were able to bring the kids of one of our investigators. They seemed to enjoy it.
One afternoon we were out contacting when we found some kids on a trampoline. I talked with one of them in Quiche and he agreed to let us come back. Before we left they let me show them a few tricks on the trampoline. It was a long time since I had got on one of those. But it was fun!
One of the families we were working with came to church. It was such a blessing. Turns out they went to church once before in Calvario. I was glad they came. They were welcomed by the ward.
I truly feel blessed to have challenges. It helps us get stronger. The good thing is if we have challenges we can know the Lord trusts us. I know the Lord tries us and our faith and patience to help us be stronger and examples of the believers. Let us all trust in the Atonement and be strong in all that we do and take on.
Elder Wright

Primary Activity they throw confetti on each other
and smash eggshells full of confetti 

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