Thursday, October 24, 2013

Solid Week and 21 años‏

October 21, 2013
Querida Familia,
Gracias por todo su apoyo en esos mi 21 años. Les quiero mucho.
One of our investigators was having a birthday, we bought her a cake, and had a balloon and a sign. We dropped it at the door and hid in the corn to watch their reaction. They thanked us a lot and shared some of the cake.
With our challenge to do 10 new contacts we did one thanks to our taxi driver. Along the way he stopped and picked up a lady. Turns out she is the sister in law of a member. We set up an appointment to visit her. 
That night we met the Father of one of our investigators. Turns out he has a problem with liquor and is looking for a church. To think we found them while contacting and fulfilling our new goal of 10 contacts daily.
At the end of our lesson to another investigator and his family members we challenged all three to baptism and they have accepted!!!
This week brought an emergency trip to Xela for a zone leader council with the President. Mostly it was to brainstorm ideas for November. For me it was a direct answer to prayer to know how to better fulfill my calling. President also taught that we need to rely on the spirit to discern the needs and then do our part to teach to the exact needs of the individual.
I baked cupcakes in the church and practiced the piano for the Hymns next week. I am a little nervous. I don´t think I have ever played in sacrament meeting. But we will ir por el oro.
I had many people at church wish me happy birthday. It was sweet. I got a text from this wonderful family in the ward wishing me Happy Birthday! They fed us lunch and I got my special order of Jocon. After a full first plate they asked if I wanted a little more. I said ok. Then it came back as full if not more than the first. Then I shared my cupcakes it was really nice. They sang to me, I felt really loved.
At the end of the day on Sunday the husband and wife investigators had their front room all decorated with streamers and a poster that said FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ELDER WRIGHT! It was awesome. They even bought me a cake. I felt loved. They sang and it was a great end to my Birthday.
I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and more importantly for the love and support throughout my 21 years of life. Thank you for your help and sacrifice on my behalf.
Elder Wright
Gifts from Home

Birthday Gift from Dad
Birthday Party at Investigators Home
Tradition Mordida 

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