Monday, November 18, 2013

Thoughts On Living The Dream‏

November 11, 2013
We had a positive lesson with a couple, in which He asked the golden question. . . "What is the right church?" I am excited to teach him.
We did divisions with Central. I went with Elder Gneiting from Idaho Falls (almost Rigby). He reminds me a lot of Uncle Todd with his jokes and the way he talks. He works hard. We had three lessons with a member. That was awesome. In the first we taught about baptism using 3 Ne 27:21,20. in that order. The member bore powerful testimony. In fact the member couldn´t stop talking. We hustled to another lesson with an investigator. He is not a member, his family are all members.
Our next visit with an investigator, she was amazing. We planned to talk about baptism. We planned a solid lesson. We explained showing the picture of Christ getting baptized that He set the perfect example and that we must follow it being baptized by someone holding authority, by immersion. Then asked the question "What can you do to better follow the example of Jesus Christ?" She said I need to get baptized by immersion. She said that lots of trials have come lately. I remembered a scripture I found recently in 1 Ne 15:23-24. I shared it explaining that trials will come but to get through it then we must hold on to the iron rod. How? Church, scriptures etc. She accepted to come to church.
We finished at a family. The father gathered all his children before he let us begin. They said the church wasn´t important and we all are looking for God. I used the example of how the father had gathered his children and in like manner, Father in Heaven wants to gather His children in only one church.
We worked with a recent convert here in Toto. She took us to three new houses. It helps so much to have members.
We did some crazy service for a lady's front yard of her abandoned house. It was crazy. We made it a little better.
Our Zone had a baptism. That was super neat.
Changes- Elder Navarro, Gneiting, and Pantigoso have changes. I was enjoying my time with Pantigoso.
Please continue praying for my investigators. Thank you for all of your love and support.
I love you all and desire the best for you. 
 Elder Wright

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