Monday, September 23, 2013

Light at the End

September 23, 2013
Adversity if handled correctly can be a blessing in our lives."
--Come what may and Love it by Joseph B Wirthlin.
We made sloppy joes for Pday as a zone unity activity. They turned out well. That night we visited with a gentleman who is coming back to church after 50 years of inactivity. He told us to be grateful and to remember that every soul is great in the sight of the Lord.
I have learned two lessons crystal clear among others. 1) I will never let alcohol touch my lips nor those of my children. 2) I must always be worthy of the Spirit and the priesthood.
Among other news we got a call that informed us that one of the elders that waited 7 months for his visa to Peru was leaving the next day, and as a result Elder Amaya had changes.
We taught a mother and daughter and had a few members accompany us. One of the members shared her testimony. She told us after that she doesn´t like talking but she was asking the Lord for help. It was answered because the Spirit helped her bear powerful testimony, and she said go forward with faith three times. She connected to them and made them feel like they were truly wanted in church. It also led us right into the next scripture we had prepared.  We asked them about being baptized. They both want to. The daughter was baptized on Saturday and the service was bonito. After the stress it truly was a light at the end of a tunnel.
We had the wonderful opportunity to eat cow intestine for lunch. It wasn´t half bad. The family did wash it really well, so hopefully I don´t get any new friends in my estomago.
We will keep battling for success. I know the Lord takes us to our limits. For there is no growth in the comfort zone nor is there comfort in the growth zone. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary and have all the experiences to change and mold me.
Elder Wright
Emily's Baptism September 21, 2013

Making Sloppy Joe's

Building Zone Unity

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