Monday, September 2, 2013

Facing Trials Head On

September 2, 2013
The feria is starting this month, it is like NASA trying to reach the goal of Kennedy to make it to the moon before this decade is out. Well like all things in life it isn´t worth as much unless we work for it. And battling a divorce and on upcoming feria it sure does feel like we are working against the current. But the Lord is strengthening us day after day and I am learning how to work in the face of challenges.
We must be as Ammon and when the trials come the sheep get scattered we must use it as an opportunity to show forth our power, or the power of God that is within us.
Sometimes the trials come to humble us and help us to rely on the atonement. So that is what I will do.
We had an activity of basketball. Lots of investigators came. It helped a lot.
President called to check up on us. He told us to read and apply Alma 17:2-5 one of my favorite chapters. From my favorite character Ammon. I crossed referenced it with Alma 8:10. Then shared it in the zone meeting. I offered a prayer for the zone faith filled and humble that we could get our goals. To help one of our investigators we went to RENAP to search the records, that is worse than the DMV. They couldn´t find the marriage papers at first then called us later that they had. We went back to RENAP to get the birth certificates for the 5 kids that we know the names. Well we found 4 of the 5 kids and the last one wasn´t on the computer so we took four 500 page books with 4 names per page of all the kids that were born in the year we thought it was....Needless to say about 45 minutes later we hadn't found it so who knows.Hope you all finished out the summer well. Here I don´t really pay much attention what season it is because it is different. Have a great week.I love you so much and hope all is well.
Elder Wright
Basketball Activity

Searching Records

Tierra Colorada in the Mountains

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