Monday, November 18, 2013

Learn to Teach

November 18, 2013
I am no longer with Elder Pantigoso just Elder Hendrickson. FYI Elder Quentin L Cook is coming to the mission in January. We are excited about that.
I also saw Elder Bloom. He is STILL in Olinte. He is going to train there. He will be there a total 11 months. He joked that I watched them plant the corn behind the house, I watched it grow, I watched them pick the corn, and I will watch them plant it again. He has a good attitude and it was good to see him.
We had an interesting contact experience. We knocked at a door and a teenage girl answered. I did my best to smile and make a positive impression. She said, "one second". Then closed the door went back and the door opened again. The mom came and talked to us. I put on the charm again trying to get in to visit. Again one second the door closed. This time it opened and it was the mom again, with the other daughter behind her. I don´t know if it was a fashion show of the gringos or what. We offered service, they said no thanks. So I jokingly said alright we will come some other day and wash the clothes they laughed and we walked off. The door closed. We walked down about 10 steps then the door opened again. Come in they said. We were really confused but went in and taught.
We had an awesome lesson from a member reference. The investigator found some stuff in the Bible she questioned. Later in the week we got a call from a member she had a family that wanted to hear more about the gospel. She set up an appointment for Thursday at 7 and invited us. That is how missionary work is supposed to work. Members invite their friends then invite us.
We took Jenga and taught the restoration to a mom and her ten year old daughter. This lady is looking for God, comfort, and spiritual guidance. I feel like we fit the description to help her with all three.
It was times for interviews with President. As usual it wasn´t what I expected but exactly what I needed. Later we had an Elders quorum activity that night and it was tasty with BBQ chicken. We left talked to a lady we felt we needed to. Caught a miracle bus and were happy to get home at 9.
This week we taught a member and her mother about Family History work. It was a very spiritual lesson and it taught me that I need to do better at this. Elder Hendrickson had a powerful story. It was super special.
This was such a great week finding new people. Getting references having a correlation and lots more things. Very awesome. Thank you for your prayers and faith. I love you tons.
Elder Wright

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