Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Series of Unfortunate Events

September 16, 2013
Querida Familia,
The Lord sometimes pushes us and stretches us and pushes us until we get to the edge. Then He pushes us one more time and.....We Fly!!!

We gave a solid lesson to one of our investigator families giving them a triple combination. I shared Mosiah 5:15 telling them they must be strong and prepared even against the spiritual earthquakes.
This week rain drops keep falling on my head and soaking me daily.
We found a new investigator who has a nephew that has a hole in his heart and lung. I had a little bit of background in that with my nephew. So I taught them about faith, and having an understanding of the plan of salvation.
We were running a little late to do divisions with Chiyax. I saw a lady washing clothes and the Spirit told me to talk to her. I had prayed that morning to be more aware of the spiritual impressions, and to recognize those that God put in our path. Well, I kept walking and tried to tell myself we are late, and we can come back tomorrow. Elder Amaya around this time had found a micro SD card. I couldn't put it off and told them to stop and we went back. I began thinking what I was going to say and the thought came to ask about the SD card. It was theirs. We got a return visit out of it, and 3 free bananas. I am grateful I listened to the spirit.
Friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious guy but it brought some bad news. The bad new started as usual with a phone call.... One of our investigators had left and was out drinking. We passed by the street of His favorite bar. We decided to check. He came out just as we got to the door. He slapped his forehead like oh puchica!!!! (darn or crap) We were the last people he wanted to see. We went across the street to talk. He told us you guys really have power, God put you in my path. He had legitimately had a change take place. I told him our power came from love and obedience, and calling on the power of God. We convinced him to go home.
Sunday 15 Feliz Dia de Independencia Guatemala!!!
Through all these many challenging experiences I am coming closer to my Savior and trying to learn all that I can. I appreciate all of your prayers and love. Thank you so much.
Elder Wright
Making Decorations 

Overlook of Toto

Possible Earthquake Damage

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