Monday, October 28, 2013

Doin' Work

October 28, 2013
We had a meeting with an investigator last Monday. He had read chapter 31 of 2 Nefi. That was awesome. He asked about the door we should enter. I explained the door was baptism but the key was the authority. We explained how the spirit works and each took opportunities to share our personal experiences. I always expect writing in the sky or something big for my answer but I told him I came to realize it is little by little just feelings and passing thoughts. Hendrickson invited him in that moment to kneel with us in prayer and ask if it was true. We closed the door and turned off the cell phone. He offered a heartfelt humble prayer. The dogs were barking but then they went away. A peace and tranquility filled the room We sat in silence.

At the Noche de hogar we watched the restoration. Then they paused it blindfolded me saying they were going to do an activity. Spun me around about 30 times and took the cover off. Right in front of me was a huge cake. I was smiling so big and couldn´t say more than muchas gracias. I did the traditional mordida (bite) and they missed the head push so I did it again to be a good sport and they got me good. (See the fotos)
A phone call informed us that we would be receiving a another elder back in a Trio. We picked up Elder Pantigoso from Peru. La libertad. I continued celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. Two investigators surprised me with a cake and gift. It was super nice of them.
The Lord is in the details of our lives. We planned a lesson to teach one of our investigators the commandments. It wasn´t necessarily the next logical step but Elder Hendrickson suggested it and we felt good about it. We got there and our investigator asked before we start if I am going to get baptized will you explain to me more about the commandments. That was awesome to know the spirit had helped us plan.
Later that night we played Jenga with two different families. It was a good way to teach the restoration, the falling of the church, the construction of many different churches without all the pieces, and then the restoration of the true one and strong church.
Sunday, I played the piano for the first time in Sacrament Meeting. It turned out well. I was super nervous but I did work. The second counselor in the temple presidency came and talked. He is a gringo from Kentucky originally Arizona. Mortenson. He told a story that the first lesson he taught on his mission in Mexico the guy got baptized. Later about 20 years he went to the temple in Mesa and the Mortenson guy went and asked how come you only brought 3 of your 6 kids to be sealed. The answer was they couldn´t get the money to bring all 6. But the great news is that temples are dotting the world and we don´t have to choose it is so close. But we must go to one that we have so close!!!!
I love you all and I know this is the true church. Take care!!!
Elder Wright
Elder Hendrickson, Elder Wright, Elder Pantigoso

Traditional Mordida 

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