Monday, September 30, 2013

Blasted Feria...and a call from the Jefe

September 30, 2013
Querida Familia,
I love you a whole bunch and want that they know the love that I have for you, that I appreciate the good words that find me every Monday. They help me very much and I want to express my appreciation to you.
The feria arrived and was in full swing. Food stands and gift stands and other stands everywhere!!! ALL week Long!!! With the Feria came a concert every night from 8-11pm and again from 4-6am. With huge fireworks that would wake me up. The concert was sooo loud and we were so close it sounded as if it was in our house. Needless to say we didn´t sleep that much. We tried contacting the sellers without much success. With the help of our investigators they helped us buy souvenirs. We told them what we wanted and they went and got it for a better price.
We were part of the parade as we went down to the church for our district meeting. Mid week we hiked to Tierra Colorada and found one lady that was positive. We also found some suspicious looking plants, and poisonous mushrooms. It was fun.
This week we had a special activity planned to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the voluntary firefighters. They came to the church and asked for a spiritual activity. So we planned for the 35 fireman and their spouses. We had two boxes and lots of pamphlets in the back of the chairs where the hymn books go. Only 11 showed up. But it was still "a good activity"
Thanks mom for the sticky bun recipe, we made them with a couple we are teaching. They turned out really well.
Saturday I got a call from President....He told me that Browning was leaving and I would be with Elder Hendrickson. He is from Illinois.
I have been strengthened by God. I have felt the love and support of Him in my challenging times.
Love you Tons,
Elder Wright
End of Blasted Feria!

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