Monday, November 18, 2013

Up Hill Battle

November 4, 2013
Querida Familia,
It was a challenging week. Many visits fell through, nobody was home.
At a meeting with the President he taught six principles of powerful prayer. 1-Pour out your soul 2- Ask is there more. The Lord is always willing to give us more than we ask for. Like Joseph Smith just wanted to know what church to join and he received the revelation. Nephi wanted to know the interpretation of the dream of his father and he received the vision of the history and future of the world. 3- Pray for eyes to see ears to hear, and heart to feel the things of God. 4- Ponder with prayer 5- Consumed in the joy of Christ. 6- The will of the Father.
Today in my zone meeting message I did an activity where you stack coins on your bent elbow and have to catch them with the same hand. I did it to illustrate the need to be happy with what we have but not content with mediocrity. It is neat to do 5 coins but why not 8 or 10. They understood fairly well. Satan will try to make us happy with just something “good" when we can achieve something better or even best. The brother of Jared got to a better place and stayed four years we must always be progressing to a higher level. (eter2:14)
When leaving the apartment for lunch the thought crossed my mind that we are always to pray before leaving. So I said a prayer for protection and to recognize opportunities. As we went we found a drunk in the middle of the road that had passed out and split his head open. We basically picked him up and put him on the side walk. He probably won´t remember it, but some people were watching. It turns out when we got to the members house five minutes later in the bus, She asked what we did with the drunk. I had no idea she had even seen us. But who knows.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It wasn´t a big deal here. I think there were some people that dressed up but we didn´t see them. They have legit costumes like those of Disneyland. The bigger celebration is the 1st and 2nd of Nov. They go on the 1st called the dia de los muertos/santos (Day of the Dead/saints) to leave wreaths of flowers and things at the cemetery. Then on the second they put candles and they all go and eat lunch there and fly huge kites. It is like the feria just in the cemetery.
We went to help a member move. But when we got there at 830 as they had asked it was pretty much done. We went instead to help our investigators move. We helped a lot moving in furniture. sweeping, and what not.
I went on divisions with Armando Arriola to do a visit but our investigator wasn´t home. It was different going from a trio to going out with a member, it was a good experience.
Our investigator asked, “What was the purpose of our visits”. I answered to teach the restoration and help you get closer to Christ. She told us I am good where I am at. That killed me.
At church Elder Morales from Guatemala came. He is an Area 70. He bore a powerful testimony. I guess he was the mission president here in the Xela mission in 05-08. Pretty neat. I hope that my testimony can be that powerful and my conviction strong. I appreciate all your prayers and support.
 Elder Wright
Happy Halloween
Huge Kite

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