Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casi Cayeron Lagrimas Twice

August 5, 2013
I celebrated my 14 month (que loco) with a trip to Xela for the Leadership council. It was neat because 5 from my group are ZL. President Bautista talked about leadership.We had zone meeting. I gave a talk, sharing what I felt.The first set of tears almost came on Thursday. Our investigator told us last Saturday the last time he drank the lady told him that she was changing business spots and there would be free liquor to celebrate on Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd. Can you imagine a bigger temptation for an alcoholic trying to stop drinking. But He said. "I was going to go. At 3 pm I was going. But I remembered the picture of Christ you gave me and I pulled it out and remembered I want to stop. So I am here with you guys." I was grinning from ear to ear to know he didn't go. I congratulated him and told him he had won a battle in a long war.This week we received a text message reference and have a new investigator!Our Mission President called on Thursday and wants to go with us tonight Monday.My comp had his birthday and we kept eating and eating. We ate a tamale of rice and tortillas with beans for breakfast. Then a huge lunch and right after 3 tostadas with guacamole. Then two pieces of cake at another members, and at last I made Sloppy Joes for dinner and had ice-cream and Oreos for dessert. It was nuts. I hope I pass my Bday here! We also put a fecha with a wife of a member for the 17th, she and her husband will need lots of prayers. But it wasn´t all fun and games. One of our investigators had given into drinking, I was crushed. This time tears came out of sadness.We went vine swinging for Pday, just like Tarzan. We hiked for an hour but it was so worth it.
Elder Wright

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