Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Broken Hearts, Feeble Knees, Fallen Hands‏

September 9, 2012
We went to Xela for the leadership council it was a spiritual boost. President talked about the Atonement. He said we must be obedient to do miracles. But also have patience and faith. God waits before helping us so that we can learn and so we know we are saved only after all that we can do 2 Nephi 25:23. The Atonement is there to mend broken hearts, strengthen the feeble knees and lift the fallen hands. 
In Zone meeting I gave my talk on the Atonement. I focused on how the Atonement has an enabling power. There are many scriptural accounts. 1 Nephi 7:17; Mosiah 24:14-15; Alma 31:31,33,38; and Alma 14:26-28. They all teach us to ask for stronger shoulders and not for lighter burdens. Little did I know I was about to put that into practice.
One of our investigators called me and he had started drinking, I called his wife and tried to give her some pick me up advice but it didn´t help much. On the bright side we did have a good lesson that night with a new investigator and friend that is a member.
I went with Elder Cardona from Guatemala. He is in Juchanep and we did divisions.
We hooked back up iwth our investigator that had been drinking and his wife. We explained it was like teaching a kid to walk we don´t yell at them when they fall but encourage them to keep trying. I talked about learning to play the piano it doesn't sound good at first but little by little with practice it will. He started to lighten up a bit. We shared Mosiah 24:10-15 with them. I tried to remember a scripture I had read long ago and the spirit helped Mosiah 7:23,33. They were tearing up as they read in and when I testified of the atonement and plan or our Heavenly Father. 
We received a phone call to pick up our new comp. So we ate lunch and took a field trip coming back with Elder Amaya from Honduras. 
That night I did explain very simply the Atonement to our investigators and they really liked it. Even the daughter has been touched and they say she is the one that is always asking to go to church. That was a bright light in the week.
To add more excitement EARTHQUAKE!!!! in the middle of our lesson at 6:18pm Friday night a 6.5 temblor that lasted (37seconds according to my count) I was super excited because I was feeling my first earthquake or temblor. Then I texted the zone to see if they were ok. I received about 40 messages and 10 calls in about 30 minutes it was nuts but I couldn´t have expected anything less in such a crazy week with the landslide of emotions.
That was the end of the craziest week of my mission......or was it. The atonement is truly an enabling power and I am coming to love it more day by day.
Elder Wright
Cookies from the First Ward Mia Maids- "Um Delicious!"

Elder Wright and Elder Cardona

Elder Amaya, Elder Browning, Elder Wright

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