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December 23, 2013
As usual another crazy week. I went from the smallest zone to one of the biggest, but I love every minute of it. It has been super hot here.
I have to do a bunch of things to get ready for the activity tomorrow for Christmas Eve. So I will give the lightning report.

We are teaching two new people. Both she and her daughter were crying. I had an awesome lesson planned using the vision of the tree of life. What they needed at that moment was the promise of peace and blessing of comfort, and we needed to teach to their needs.
We finished the night going to Hna F. If you remember she really liked us when I was with Elder Chicas. She saw me and said ELDER WRIGHT!!! She was really excited to see me again.
This week we had a good lesson with a familia, we're able to take an investigator to sing in the choir, and had the ward party. It was fun filled with dinner piñatas and gifts for the kids. We have had a positive lessons with our new investigator.

In order to get everything ready for Christmas Eve in the park, we had to go ask for permission at the Mayor's office. They are the ones that would tell us if we have permission to sing in the park on Tuesday or not. When we first went in today, Monday the 23rd they told us at 9 that we could not because the mayor was gone and not coming back. We left a little bummed but decided to go back and see if it was possible to do it in another area. We explained better that it wasn't necessarily an event so much as a group of the people that were already there. The workers talked again and said we will let you know at 3:00 pm when the mayor gets back. We ignored the fact that the mayor was supposedly not coming back. Then we began praying. We had a choir practice and said a prayer with all of the missionaries there, that we would be able to have the activity. We went back in the afternoon and we GOT the permission. Then we had to go to 3 more offices to get papers signed and what not. You've got to love bureaucracy! But now we are just hoping and praying that the sound system can be used as well. It is crazy with all this, the planning, and coordinating all the phone calls. But what an opportunity we will have to sing, pass out the traditional Christmas fruit drink, hand out the Book of Mormon, and we are offering to take pictures of children with Santa.
Elder Wright
HueHue Centro
 Christmas Eve Choir

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