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Crazy Christmas Adventure

December 30, 2013 
From last week when I wrote about getting ready on Monday for the Christmas Eve in the park we never stopped running the whole day and Tuesday was also crazy. We went at 730 to buy the fruit to make the drink. Then we had to hurry and pick up a guitar, go to the district meeting, practice the songs, set up for the lunch, eat the lunch pick up speakers, clean up the church, carry two speakers and a table to Centro park. Luckily a saint helped us out and gave us a ride. At 535 went to ask the light people if they were going to come, they didn´t know anything about it, but finally showed up. We did the sound test for the microphones only three of the six microphones worked. In the end we just had to go with it. We started miraculously right on time. The Ponche drink showed up right on time. (It is chunks of pineapple papaya, coconut, and cinnamon with a little bit of Rosa de Jamaica. mixed in) We sang songs and some members gave away Ponche. Santa Claus was there, Elder Albert took pictures with Santa and the kids. We had the idea that we would get the directions to their home and take them the pictures. Great in theory but it didn't go as smooth. The numbers didn´t get written down and we are not sure how we will get it figured out. I played the song the Little Drummer Boy. It went over really well. After all the stress, it is something that won´t be forgotten. We gave away 325 cups of the drink, which means there was a bunch of people that attended. Maybe more that came and went. 
After the program we sprinted to do Secret Santa for a family. Then ate a tamale at Lenchos and got a ride home. We watched the fireworks at 12 midnight from our roof. We had the Quilinco Elders staying with us. Elder Rivera from Nicaragua and Elder Dalton from Bountiful.
Wednesday the fun didn´t stop!!! The best part was Skyping and seeing all of you guys. Thanks for all of your love and support. It was so neat to talk to Justin in Spanish.
Traditions in Guatemala for Christmas. Include the Ponche (sometimes called caliente) drink with tamales. Rice dough mixed with a sauce and a piece of meat wrapped in a big platano leaf. served with rolls. The market fills with people the 23-24th selling grapes and apples along with the ingredients for Ponche. People spread pine needles all over the ground in the living room or entry way so it smells nice.

Thursday Things slowed down a little bit. We went to visit a recent convert and her non member mom. She had company from the Capital. They are singers and put on their own concert. They sing really well.
My comp has changes tomorrow. I will be receiving a new one for the New Year. Who knows who. I will let you know next week. Talk to you next year.
Elder Wright

With Elder Jerez

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