Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Visit From an Apostle

January 20, 2014
One of the greatest blessings today was the opportunity to answer the humble prayer of a discouraged downtrodden daughter of God. Monday night in planning we had an appointment at 7 but decided to call a returned missionary to contact the girl’s aunt. Turns out when we got there the aunt had just finished praying asking for strength and help. She is the mother of a 9 year old special needs child that cannot walk nor talk. Her other sons are wandering forbidden paths. I testified that we were the answer to her prayer and that we would help if she would listen and be obedient to the invitations we would give her. It was so special to be used by the Lord to answer someone else’s prayer.
Wednesday we taught our investigators the importance of getting married.
We did divisions with Elder Peterson and De Leon. I stayed with Peterson from Idaho in my area. We had some good success.
On Saturday the 18th in order to the Mission conference in Xela, we got an early start by getting up at 4 to be in the terminal at 530 and leave by 6 am. I had the idea to rent a bus with all the 60 missionaries from Huehue. We watched the Testaments on the way down. It was super foggy but we made it safely. We were all sitting down at 905 waiting for Elder Cook to come. When Elder Cook and his wife and Elder Kevin R. Duncan and his wife entered we all stood up and it was super powerful. You could feel the spirit that entered with him.
Elder Cook bore his testimony that was super powerful. He said “I know the Savior, I know His voice” " He testified of Christ’s love and the reality of his atonement. That really hit me strong as a witness he is a true apostle. We got to all shake his hand just really quick, no time but for nice to meet you. But it was awesome none the less. The truth is with as big as the church is the chance to meet an apostle is something special that I will cherish forever.
I am grateful to have been here, and to listen to him. I will never forget it.
Elder Wright
The Fog

Bus Ride to Mission Conference with Elder Cook

Waiting for Mission Conference to Start

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