Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting Down the Home Stretch

December 2, 2013
When I ran the 400m in high school I usually started out strong. Maintained speed on the back stretch and started picking up with 200m left then at the start of the home stretch I opened up and left everything I had on the track. Literally everything because I usually found the nearest trash can right after and left it a surprise. I can´t believe it- 18 Months. But anyway the point is I am committed to work hard wherever the Lord would have me be. With just the home stretch left I plan on leaving it all here with no regrets and finish living the dream strong.
We had a very interesting experience in the street. A person that had been drinking came up to us and asked for a cookie. I told the man I don't have food but I do have the bread of life that will last forever. He said that won´t fill me up. We said our goodbyes. Later we felt like we should look for him. Elder Hendrickson suggested to check the park. We did and found him. We gave him a cookie and visited with him and another gentleman that was with him who had also been drinking. We found out this gentleman was an inactive member.
There is a family here that made Thanksgiving especially nice for us. They fixed chicken, mashed potatoes, and a salad with peas in it. It was super delicious and very thoughtful.
We went to the baptism the other Elders had. After we left we had to go get another sweater because it was colder than "the backside of a certain worker digging a well." But seriously it was about 40 with some freezing wind and mist that took it to about 25-30 with the wind chill.
I know that the Lord answers prayers. It was 7:30 and our plans were falling through, so I said a prayer and we started walking, I felt the slightest thought to go see a contact from 3 weeks ago. We got in and her two sisters and brother in law, along with their two kids were there it was awesome. We taught a lesson it was special.
On Sunday a lady we contacted that used to be an investigator of the other elders came to church just like she promised when she found us on Wednesday. That was awesome. I ended up teaching the Gospel Principle's class because the teacher was sick. Our investigator said she really liked it and learned a lot. She likes the way we talk and teach. I also taught priesthood. It was on loving God more than the World. The class participated a lot more than normal, which made it a really good lesson.
Elder Wright
Bishop Basquiyak

On Divisions with Elder Yataco from Peru

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