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Guess What???

December 16, 2013
Take a guess as to where I am hints: My new area is hot with lots of sun, I have to put sunscreen on. It didn´t take hardly any time to adjust to the new house, the bus ride was long and windy.
I am Companions with Elder Jerez from San Lucas Guatemala, near the capital. He likes to do what he calls going the extra mile. It includes baking cookies and other deserts. He is a great teacher, he has a year in the mission, he gets along extremely well with everybody.
Monday was my last day in Toto. It was sad, as I said goodbye to all my friends and the members and investigators. One of the families I said goodbye to gave me a side bag awhile ago, and this time gave me two small pilas, then their daughter gave me an owl. It was hard to leave Toto, but all the memories and experiences that changed me will stay forever.
The Lord is so kind and merciful. I arrived at changes and Elder Browning asked me do you know where you are going? Turns out I am going to replace him. I did that in Olinte, then was his comp in Toto.
We immediately got to work, we visited the grandma of our neighbor, who really likes my comp. We visited a less active family and their son just went to SOY (EFY) and took a picture with a member who lives in Toto. It was a funny connection.
For our zone meeting we went the extra mile. We went early to bake the brownies. We decorated with my small glitter tree and lights and shared a Christmas video. I gave the message. I had three main points. 1) Christmas was made up with all the characters of the nativity. If the shepherds would not have come the story would be different, if the angel wouldn't have shown up the story would have been changed. likewise in the zone we need to work in unity. 2) From the trials and tribulations and opposition of the stable was born the hope of the world. Even if we are in our own stables we can hope for better things. 3) The wise man followed the star. We must follow the star revelation to get to our destination and reach our full potential. Wise men still seek Him!
Because I quickly adapted to the new area I was able to go with some familiar faces and old investigators. We visited a Hna (65 years old) Elder Jerez is a great teacher with good questions that require thought and analysis. We asked if she had prayed and with the answer that she got what she was willing to do. She agreed to come to church.
It was comical to see the reactions of all the members at church. Many looked at me and said it seems like I know you from somewhere. Our investigator came to church and seemed to enjoy it. Later that night we taught and helped her understand the BOM. She committed to read it and we put a fech for the 4th of January. She is really positive, she is praying and understands the need to do so. She like the peace and welcoming at church.
If you haven´t guessed my new area by now I am in Brasilia Huehuetenango!!!! I am in the same house, but I did switch beds and desks. One of the interesting things about coming back is how similar it is to the first time I was here. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me an opportunity to serve.
Elder Wright

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