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Feliz Dia de la Accion de Gracias‏

November 25, 2013 
Querida Familia,
In Guatemala Thanksgiving is called the Dia de la Accion de Gracias. I don't think it is as big a deal as in the States. They are more focused on saving money to have a big party for Christmas and New Years.

I am grateful I was born into a home where we were taught to trust in God.
In district meeting we put a goal to find 100 new people to talk to. Elder Pettingill talked about how important this is, it was pretty solid.
We had a lesson with an investigator and Bishop Baquiyax was present. We answered some questions and showed him that he could be like Enos. Our investigator is still considering his fecha for the 30th. The Bishop told him we should not wait for tomorrow with what we should do today. We tried an experiment where you light a match in a glass bottle and put a peeled boiled egg on top and it sucks it in. We explained that when we are outside of church we are vulnerable, but inside we are protected. 
We knelt to pray and she started praying in silence and we joined in silent prayer. The feeling in my heart was undeniable. It began small filling it up with a warm sensation. My answer was definite and indisputable. It wasn't some great earthquake or lights in the sky, but a simple powerful feeling in my heart telling me YES!! This is the true church. We finished the prayer and she said she felt tranquil.... We will see what happens.
President Tzic the Stake President spoke at Stake Conference about the three parables from Luke 15. The lost sheep, lost money, and prodigal son. The sheep wandered, the money was lost due to bad care, and the son left conscious of his decision. Likewise we must look for those less actives that have left for any of those three reasons. It was a good talk and we had two investigators there!! Sunday the 24 we had a Regional broadcast conference. There were 41 stakes and 6 missions in Guatemala that participated. Enrique R. Falabella talked about waking up and brushing off the dust. I liked it because he said when we are sleeping we dream and when we wake up we make our dreams realities. He reminded us we need to use our time wisely. Rosemary M . Wixon shared stories of good parents in the Book of Mormon. Richard G. Scott gave what seemed to be the same talk he gave to you guys, just in Spanish on treating the women in our lives with respect and honor.
Henry B. Eyring talked about how the small branches in New Jersey, New Mexico, and other places have grown a ton and the same can happen here in Guatemala.

We worked hard this week to reach our goal. The week was almost over and we needed to talk to 4 more people in order to reach the goal of talking to 100 new people. While walking I saw a lady crying in a dark corner of a door, her son was close by. I stopped, turned back, and followed the spirit. Do you need help? She said yes and told a story about how her husband that he was drinking, someone had died recently, and why she was sad. I shared from the Book of Mormon Alma 7:11-12. It was sweet. Then we found the other 3 contacts a little later. The Lord helped us even though it took the whole week. It is nice to know that perhaps we answered the first lady's prayers. I know this church is true and that the Lord hears our prayers. I am so thankful for you as my family and all the blessings I have. The biggest one being here serving the Lord. I love you all and wish you the best.
Love Elder Wright

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