Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcoming 2014 With a New Face

January 6, 2014
Querida familia,
We had a multi zone conference with the President Bautista. He talked about making the small changes of the sins that easily beset us to be able to have the spirit more. It was really neat and well needed. That night I went to the ViƱa and baptized a young lady and had a good experience.
My last day with Elder Jerez and it was our P-day, we took a 2 hour bumpy dusty van ride up to the Laguna Magdalena. It was super beautiful. Then we came home, wrote emails home, packed, and said goodbye to some members. It was nuts. We got up early the next day and headed to Xela.
My new companion is Elder Garcia from San Pedro Sula Honduras. He is from my group and lived across the hall from me in the CCM. It will be fun.
The tradition here for the New Year is eat chicken salad sandwiches and light off fireworks at midnight. I was super tired from the bus ride on Monday and again to Xela and back Tuesday so I went to bed, woke up at 1155 and watched the fireworks then back to bed at 1215. It felt more like sleepwalking than anything.
1 JANUARY 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Starting off the new year we had a positive lesson with an investigator. We watched the Restoration to sure up her testimony. She told us that before she never let any missionaries in, but always believed in God. When she imagined what God was like she imagined something similar to the art painting of Joseph Smith´s vision so that was special. She told us it was in her heart and she was ready to be baptized.
Mid week we made an early trip to Xela for a Leaders meeting. Back to HueHue sharing a very positive lesson with another investigator testifying of the plan of salvation and how she must be baptized to follow it.
Saturday the highlight was the baptism of B. She is very prepared. That makes me really happy. She was very happy on her baptism day and she had lots of support from the members so that was nice. Thanks for your prayers and help.

Sunday night we taught the cousins of one of the familias. One really wants to go to church but the mom won´t let her, the other is learning more about the church asking questions. She asked about conversion. I told her for me it was more what made me stay a member of the church. The answer was that I felt it was right by the spirit. Every time I pray about the Book of Mormon, or enter the temple, or participate in an ordinance I can feel the spirit testify. This is the true church and we must do everything we can to stay inside of it and help others come. So we can say Bring on the Storm and have no fear.
Elder Wright
Laguna Magdalena
Baptism of A on December 28, 2013 
Baptism of B on January 4, 2014
Elder Garcia when we were in the CCM and now as companions

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