Monday, January 13, 2014

A Hot Busy Week

January 13, 2014
Well I can´t say I miss the cold and snow and rain that much. But I am going through sunscreen pretty fast. It is hot day after day and I don´t see many clouds. There were some that clumped together but it doesn´t rain. At least not for a few more months.
Monday night we helped some members move houses. They are a young couple in their 20s that were baptized two years ago. They are a great couple.
When we went to each a new investigator my comp wanted members present. We called a few people and they could not come. We called the couple we helped move, they came. They are great members. We didn´t have to ask them to talk or lead them into the lesson, they were paying attention and jumped in and testified shared their personal story, and made a big difference in the success of the lesson. Our investigator accepted to be baptized on the 25th of this month.
Later in the week we visited with a couple that have had the missionaries since I was here last year. Turns out last year their daughter had come to a baptism with her cousins that I was part of. We feel they will be able to progress.
We had about 50 people show up to the Noche de Hermanamiento. It was really neat to see everyone there. One of the ladies that had to give the thought was overwhelmed, but she did a great job with the big crowd.
In the morning we had to go to Quilinco to clean the house that was closed. The only problem is that Qulinco is about 45 minutes away and I had never been there before. I had to get in the pickup with the guy from Xela and take him and my comp to the house I had never been to. It is in a little village on the side of the mountain. Well I remembered from the week before when we picked up the Elders from the turn off, as we passed going up to the Laguna. So I got us that far. And I remember that one of the Elders had said that his house was by the cemetery. So I got that far. I was able to talk with one of the Elders and the owner had a yellow house. Believe it or not we got there. The Lord sure helped us out.
We had three lessons with a member present it was awesome.
Friday we got to go to Quilinco again to work and visit some investigators that have a baptismal date. I went with Elder Etcheto. He is from Twin falls ID. He has 2 and half months including the CCM. We went, and my comp and his comp stayed to attend to our visits. Seeing as I didn´t know much more of Quilinco than to the Elders house we had a personal guide- an 11 year old boy took us were we needed to go. It was so awesome to work there and have all the kids yell Elders!!!! I miss being in the aldeas. It was nice being with Elder Etcheto because it brought me back to the basics. The best part of the day was trying to get back home. The last bus was at 730. We got it but it came later about 745. This meant that we got to Chiantla about 820 and the last bus to Huehue was at 8. So we had to pray a lot. We waited on the corner of the church that is the exit of Chiantla to Huehue. We were blessed with a miracle bus just going to park, but it got us a little closer so we took it. We got off only after about 1 minute. Another blessing from God, members in a black car waited for us to get off the bus. They took us down. They were going to leave Chiantla earlier but felt like staying longer and came at the perfect time to help us out. Turns out I met them at a visit before Christmas. It is so amazing to see the Lord´s hand in our lives.
We started a lesson with a lady I had known before when I was in this area. Back then I helped her draw water out of a well. We will try to start teaching her more.
I wanted to thank you all for your love support and prayers my whole mission. I truly feel the strength. Thank you for all that you have done for me and your letters and emails. I know this is true and the only church that will get us to eternal life.
Elder Wright
Quilinco with Huehue in the background
The Movers

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