Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thus End the Days of el Totonicapanse‏

December 9, 2013
Perhaps for the first time in my mission I don´t have a clue where I am headed. I tried to trick it out of them but it didn't work. Who knows, but it will be where the Lord needs me.
I am sad to leave Toto because I have lots of friendships and good memories.
A while back when I was with Browning he was already asleep and I was almost to that point. I heard the doorbell of the floor below ring and ring and ring. It was the lady from downstairs who had forgotten her key and her family had fallen asleep. SO I woke up Browning and we went down and opened the door for her. That happened again on another occasion. Well, on Monday when we were without keys she let us climb up the atrium saying, "Don´t worry you guys helped me out when I didn´t have a key." My thought- we should always look to serve others and help them in need for we never know when we will need the same.
We went to San Cristobal for a multi zone conference. The President talked about the trials of life. Basically Christ faced trials just like us. I liked this thought that the most important gift, the atonement, came after a huge trial.
As we are trying to get the members to help more with missionary work we had a meeting with President Bautista and Stake President Tzic. It was neat.
We met a man who knew a lot about the Bible, and we talked with him about it. When I tried to give him the Book of Mormon, he kindly refused. This was sad.
We taught a couple the plan of salvation with a new visual aid art book the President made for the mission, we also had the Bishop with us.
We finished introducing the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine of Christ to a man and his family. We challenged them to baptism on the 28th and they said it was a little quick but something they want to do.
Well last week it was freezing cold with a bitter wind. This week I left the house in just a short sleeve shirt and was fine until the sun went down. It has been crazy weather.
I just never know what I will be asked to do at church this week I played the piano for the choir for Ward Conference and for sacrament meeting. The overall theme I took was taking peace to all the people.

I love you all and wish you the best in this Christmas season. Make a snowball or two for me. I don´t see that here. 
Elder Wright
Beginning of the Christmas Season

Rainbow over Toto

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